Tuesday, July 12, 2011

VLOG: it's no joke...

"it's no joke...i'm fiscally broke"
my personal vlog


  1. I was totally into the video until you started fake rapping. LOL! But at least your owned that like a champ. i hope your dreams come true. I think you'll make an awesome comedian, truly laughed out loud with this vid.

  2. Your video started and I just tought: "Wait-a-second... is she doing it pro now?! FINALLY!"

    I can see Louis CK bowing down to you on a comedy award show anyday ;)

    I always knew you were made to polish your own bright star. Hope you find where to hang it from :)

  3. @kimmie you aren't a fan of my superior rap skills? maybe i'll have to sit on that dream a little while longer...but sometimes you just have a song in your heart and it needs to escape!! thank you for your support- it means more to me than you know.

    @some girl heya stranger, it's good to hear from you again- i've been away from blogland for a while (i was reorginizing my life to make my dreams into a reality) and it's always good to see a familar handle on here.
    i don't know if i'd go so far as to say i too could see louis ck bowing down to ME but dream big, right?? when i got the email alerting me to your comment i couldn't stop smiling- thank you for helping to bolster my confidence and continue pushing forward...FULL STEAM AHEAD!!

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  5. you are hilarious and beautiful! don't give up on your dream. i would legit come to see you do standup if you had a show in nyc.

    ps fuck the haters dinosaurs rock