Tuesday, June 8, 2010

june pride

a month to be proud of

june is a cornucopia of celebrations. our first month that resides entirely in the summer season often brings fond memories of school letting out, summer sun, and lazy days. selfishly- i think of my birthday, father's day, and the summer solstice...in that order. (i'm not THAT selfish, they just all occur on the same days)

i narrow-mindedly thought that was it, that june- while full of fun and laughter- didn't exactly provide much in the way of holidays. after a little research i found that 'cornucopia' wasn't just a word common in my vernacular, but also a very appropriate summation for june. lactose intolerant friends beware, june is national dairy month. don't laugh- they won't be the only ones sh

itting their pants this month, because june is also national fruit and vegetable month. it's also a month that celebrates the 'rose'. i was thrilled at this discovery, but almost immediately after was left in udder disgust. when i read national rose month i assumed that my second favorite golden girl has an entire month devoted to her- i was mistaken. to complete the stool trifecta, june is also national potty training month. and finally- for all you pussy lovers out there, june is national adopt-a-cat month...so start adding to
your 'creepy cat lady collection today'!

june is also a beacon of hope for many gays all around the world. along with it comes parades, marches, demonstrations, parties, glitter and rainbows- all in love for the whole LGBT community. often, the week before pride weekend is a bit chaotic. texts, emails, and wall-to-walls fly around wildly, all wondering where the best events are. i like making lists, so i thought it was only appropriate that i share the list of where my friends will be going/performing/serving beer!

jello wrestling @ phase one
9pm-2a $10 cover 21+
525 8th st SE
washington, dc

if i really have to twist your arm to go to lesbian jello wrestling then i mistook you for a LADY LOVIN' FOOL! but if you call a face full of cleavage 'home' then this is where you need to go this evening. i know my roommate and good friend will be rematching tonight, and it's bound to cause bill cosby to blush.

i strongly urge those coming from va or md to stick with metro; don't be the silly goose who gets a DUI or gets your car towed because you wanted to shimmy your rainbow flag ASAP.

the dyke march is at 3pm and leaves from dupont circle. the main parade will leave at 6:30pm and march from dupont to thomas circle. the real lesbitopia is going down after the sun does. the party to be at this pride for all lady lovers?

cobalt & LURe
the corner of 17th & R NW
washington, dc

LURe is known for throwing some of the most dynamic ladies nights in the dc area. i personally am a huge fan of bare their monthly party thrown at cobalt, as are nearly every lesbian who goes out in dc...so it comes as little shock that when i found out that 'bare' was on the same week as pride we ALL rejoiced. out of towners- hear my cries!! THIS IS WHERE YOU WANT TO GO ON SATURDAY NIGHT!
the excessive use of caps- while poignant- still makes me feel awkward...moving along.

the festival...please- i, and the other metro riders implore you- do not get too drunk prior to even ma
king it to the festival, it's not a good look.
but with that said the street festival starts at 11am and runs until 6pm. you must go to the main stage around 4:15, that's when the delightful miss eva will don the stage with her band kitten on capitol hill. please come out and support everyone whos a part of this fab
ulous event.

happy pride everyone!


  1. so best not to be expecting you for sunday roast and potatoes eh? ily...