Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tuesday, no blues day

no blues day

it's an overcast day in the nations capital yet as i look to the sky i feel the warmth of the sun. while making a purchase at the 7-11 across the street from my work today, a man who was strung-out on something fierce approached me. his disheveled appearance jarred with the finely manicured flower beds that lined the streets he called his home. his matted hair and tattered shirt both were in desperate need of washing- or at least a spritz or two of febreze to help a brotha out. his eyes were warm and his smile was genuine. as he came closer to me, i smiled and said hello.

i've seen him before- he's not
my favorite homeless person, but he is the most boisterous. my first encounter with him was over six months ago in the very same 7-11. he was screaming at the attendant demanding they go in the back and "GET THAT BLUE SHIT". he was referencing the mountain dew flavor, blue shock, which at the time was a seasonal promotion and was not widely available.

today, not unlike our first meeting, my friend was inquiring loudly about flavored sodas. one glance at the attendants face and you could feel their pain. you know deep down they want to throw him out, but aside from being a menace he wasn't actually doing anything wrong.

he slammed the glass refrigerator door and huffed over in my direction. while in line, i watched as he shuffled my way without once lifting his feet completely off the ground. just as i began to nod my head to the hypnotic rhythm of his well-worn shoes the beat dropped off and we were toe-to-toe. as my gaze transitioned from down to up, he looked me up and down.

"you are looking gorgeous from head to toe mami..dayum" i looked around to see who the man on crack was talking to. i knew that there was a chance he was speaking to me, but there was also a chance he was talking to someone in his head. "who me? wow- well thank you." i said as i tossed my items on the counter. he shook his head vigorously, "from head to fucking TOE. f'real girl- i mean it." my sentiments of gratitude were repeated once more and i began to gather my belongings to head into work.

as i walked out of 7-11 i stood a little bit taller and i swung my hips a little bit harder. the sidewalk became my runway and i'd have made rupaul proud in the way i sashay'd and shante'd. some might have taken a compliment from a homeless, drug addicted stranger in stride and known that it's validity is questionable at best- but i took him at his word.

i don't really care whether or not i actually look gorgeous to this man. i don't care if through his eyes i look like something out of an acid trip. all that matters to me is the fact that what transcends both social classes and mental competence is kindness and a smile. it doesn't take much to turn a bluesday back into a tuesday.


  1. You work that stage girl! <3

  2. You are wonderful. This post brightened my day!