Thursday, September 2, 2010

epic high fives

epic high fives
a thought to pick you up

hating thursday simply because it's not friday is no way to muddle through the week. every day should be praised (except mondays- they always suck). daily we all should try and focus on the threads of hope, humanity, and hilarity.

if you are more of a pessimist and find my unusually chipper demeanor annoying- you're an ass, lighten up sunshine. but even the negative nancy's of the world could use a smile. who doesn't enjoy smiling? (that's a stupid question. sometimes smiles, particularly from strangers, are unnerving. picture this- elderly man in loose fitting sweatpants and a beater looks at you from across the bus. his smile stretches from ear to ear. after returning the smile you note both his hands are down his pants- creepy right? that was of no relevance...i'm sorry) point being- we all can use some hints on how to bring more happiness into our worlds.

today's hint?
high fives, man.

nothing quite compares to the joy one gets after a solid clap of the perfect high five. after locking eyes, i square up with my partner and while facing each other, our shoulders align. just prior to the approach my arm is fashionably draped over the corresponding shoulder. another breath won't enter my lungs until the one across from me mirrors my sassy stance. some might jump from this point directly into the arch just before the high five. those who do that are fucking high fivin' amateurs.

the one, lone key in the making of a perfect high five is the momentary glance preceding the high five itself. it's all about checking out those 'bows. often called 'the most awkward part of the body aside from knees' or 'wenis', the elbow holds all the cards. one fleeting glance in tandem with your high-fiving-friend ensures that you will get the perfect clap- every time.

after arching back and hurling my heart and soul into my approach- it happened. *CLAP* that sound; a thunderous, meaty, slap of skin. that feeling; epic, rad, perfection. that connection- open palm, open heart. no debate necessary- high fives can't be beat.

if you find yourself feeling a little bit low today, i remind you to smile and find joy in this moment by ramming your hand into anothers. with one solitary slap you can bring an explosion of bright light into your world. if you are too lost in the darkness and feel that no one is around you, fear not- high fives are always possible, no matter how deep the depression. as long as you have two mitts at your disposal (even if the both belong to you), you've got yourself some magic.

up high- down low.
happy day- fo' sho.


  1. The Hubs and I like to do chest high bumps and then the High 5s!
    double tag...

  2. Wow, so I've been out of the loop apparently for a while. A lot has gone on with you since I ast checked in. Sorry to hear about you and your g/f breaking up. I know you've heard that a lot. Still worth saying though. Your writing has become so intense. Maybe intense is the wrong word. Passionate. Thats a better word. I've only read a few of your posts, but they were all are riddled with emotion. I hope you are doing better. From what I've read, you seem to be. Hope all is well, and I'm glad this week is finally over as well. Take care!

  3. Your right, mondays are a tough one to get through, but they are followed by epic tuesdays (my lovely first day off each week)
    The old man comment, held some relevance, creepy though, but a hilarious little add in :)

    I work with alot of people at my job, and High fives are deffiantely our thing. Everyone that we work with gives High Fives on a regular basis, and it is true that so few things are quite as satisfying as the burn you feel when you hear that perfect clapping sound. You can't help but smile at the connection.

    -High five Ashley-

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