Tuesday, April 13, 2010

lesbifriends lends a hand...

lesbifriends lends a hand
you are not alone

i've recieved a handful of emails throughout my time running lesbifriends. after sifting through spam, porn (which i will defend as 'not always spam'), and a few mismarked emails i did come several letters intended for me.

the common theme that has run throughout the messages has been a basic one- help me. whether it's 'help me find more gays to hang out with' or 'where can i go this weekend' or even 'how am i to approach other women'. (admittedly, you are on your own with the last one...my approaches rarely work for me- let alone other people. i just thank my lucky stars that my dreamboat of a girlfriend somehow fell for the ball of awkward that is ashley.)

one e-mailer struck a cord with me and it prompted this post. in her e-mail she explained that she felt alone as she was newly out and didn't know where to turn. undoubtedly a last resort, reached out to me for comfort.

i am in no way trained to help clincially, mentally, or physically...but if you ever need a little friend, my hand is outstreched- all you have to do is grab ahold! when i was at my lowest and i felt abandoned and shunned by all of those around me; i remember vowing then and there to one day become that one person to someone else. the one person who reconnects you to society, who acts as a soundboard, who you can unload on without fear of judgment or ridicule.

feel free to email your comments, concerns, worries, or questions over my way.
take care friends!


  1. I love reading your blog! Thanks for your posts and point of view. Take care!

  2. Hello ashley's email friend! Here's a scooby doo hand swirl all the way from Louisiana!

    Ashley ~ you know what I love best about your writings? ....want me to tell ya? I'll tell ya.
    Its the Lagniappe {lan~yap for all you non Louisiana peeps}, the little details, that make the story, but then also lead into a whole other story. A pleasure as always, "}

  3. ...WOW...
    That is one of the nicest things I've ever witnessed...on the Internet at least.
    It takes a lot to offer a hand to anyone, let alone everyone.
    I agree with "hipstercrite" (don't know if it's impolite to use your real name or not)...you rock!

  4. =) thanks guys!

    @kelly ann- i won't lie, i had to google that one...it made me laugh because all of the definitions reference louisiana in some form or fashion. thanks for expanding my vocabulary- although, i'm sure i'll butcher it and sound like a real yankee were i to try to incorporate this in my everyday vernacular.

    @lauren & sophie- woo hoo! thank you...unless of course you are being sarcastic, in which case i'll just saunter away and pretend like this never happened.

  5. Not everyone shunned you, Ash..don't forget that. Your family never turned against you.