Monday, April 26, 2010

"yes, it still exists" files #1

the "yes, it still exists" files
#1: pusspie

last week, i didn't wave to the man who let me slip in front of him while in bumper to bumper traffic. not only did i not wave, but i didn't even bother to turn my turn signal on as the merge implied that i was going to be doing that anyways. i'm not generally such a discourteous driver. normally- were i not to frantically wave back, i would spend the rest of my drive feeling guilty that i had been one of the people i hate so much. i would have let thoughts of, "i hope i didn't upset that driver" and "if i had waved, perhaps their day would have been a little bit brighter" overwhelm my brain. this day was different, it was clear that everything i once loved was doing little more than annoying the shit out of me:
children laughing on the playground by work- look at those fuckin' slackers.
a sweet girl flying a kite- i hope you get electrocuted and your flying bit of joy crashes to the ground in a ball of fire.
old people holding hands while sitting on a bench- *rolls eyes* i bet that old fella creeps on the regular with women 30 years his junior.
a kitten crosses the road-
it was offical- i was in a bad mood.

people slip into funks from time to time- it's inevitable. upon hearing of someone feeling low, we are all too quick to tell them to 'snap out of it'. sometimes the best cure for a bad mood is to work through your sauciness, truly allow yourself to wallow in that anger for a little bit. surround yourself with your most passive aggressive, sickly sarcastic, perfectly pessimistic friends and let the hostility within you escape.

after that, it's nice to be reminded of the goodness in the world. when in a bad mood, the bright spots in life often fade and are more difficult to see. that's where i come in with a series i like to call the "yes, it still exists" files. these are little tales that i've stumbled across that are shining examples of- well, just plain goodness. lest it be something sweet ive witnessed amongst couples, or a simple gesture that put a smile on my face the intention of these posts are to lift your spirits and remind you that even when it seems that the entire world is on it's period and is cranky as hell- that goodness, love, and kindness still exist...


dee hadn't been feeling well all week- she was most definitely having 'one of those days weeks'. it's worth mentioning she's been in the process of moving from dc to massachusetts for a little while now- a move that substantial would be more than enough to stress someone out, especially now that it's coming down to the wire. but add to that transferring schools, battling a cold, still maintaining a job, and tackling life's riddles- dee was spread thin and worn out...she needed a reprieve.

after a particularly challenging day, dee walked into her house- hating life. no doubt grumbling under her breath, rueing the day every annoying person was born. her cold made her sleepy, her interactions with humans made her want to dismember them, and she had almost forgot what love felt like for a moment.

she sassily walked her way into the kitchen (because, let's be real- everywhere dee walks it's in a sassy manner...girlfriend's got a lot of attitude in her walk, and by 'attitude' i mean 'assitude'.) whilst fumbling around for something that would lift her spirits she spotted a delicious new friend. what did she find on the counter? none other than a homemade pie just for her, placed lovingly on the counter by stancil.

if stancil had simply made her a pie, i would have thought that was pretty sweet- but nothing too above and beyond the normal gestures of love. but good ol' stancy didn't stop at just a pie- she lovingly painted a pretty pink friend atop the pie, stuck a thermometer in her hole with the message of, "get well- and enjoy this pussy pie".
that ladies, that's what i like to call, real love.

so- if you are having a case of the monday's today (or any day for that matter) remember, it still exists...even if you personally don't see it.

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