Wednesday, April 7, 2010

queerFAQtor wednesday

queerFAQtor wednesday
apacowayner "interviews" jillybean05

i love my best friend with every fiber of my being. my heart aches without her near; she is in my utopia, san fransisco, and i sit atop capitol hill. this weeks topic was supposed to be 'interviews' but jilly and i got a bit say the least.

also, while we are on a video vein i have something i'd like to pass along. a movie was brought to my attention today after someone mentioned the story of joe wilson. after joe and his partner announced their marriage in their local newspaper, controversy soon followed. as a filmmaker, it was only logical for joe to chronicle his journey and turn it into a movie. out in the silence is his film and a must watch film for everyone! it "will challenge you to rethink your values and help close the gaps that divide our communities."

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