Thursday, February 11, 2010


i am
wind whipped
a n c h o r e d.
.:another moonlit walk:.
tonight we flirt
oh my moon,
i've missed you
tomorrow i'll regret our dance
momentarily replaced
with sanity
never. just a brief interlude.
awake, conscious
seeing e v e r y tick
walking two steps behind myself
watching her
inside her head i'm perched
i am a bird
wanting to return.
"let me out. i cant breathe. help"
feeling e v e r y tock
dig deeper
collapse and retreat
small of my back
twisted, gnarled
glitter mountains- swirling vortex
victory...short lived.
immediately break the top layer
sink into
t h o u g h t s-
never alone-
with my t h o u g h t s.
curse you chione!
see him- see him
homeless, half blind
teeth chattering
nonsensical gibberish tumbling
stealing my chap stick
my lifeline, now your prized paragon
a strangers room
my lips
the loneliest organ
"doctor, there is no coronary and carotid pressure"
bleed out-
mind and body, crave
rigidity, return!

i need you
arms o u t s t r e t c h e d on a bed
it's too far to reach

my gaze- aimless

without your eyes

to transfix me.

d r i f t around
like snow

trust placed with the wind

f i n a l l y h o m e
. . . h o l d m e .

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