Wednesday, February 10, 2010

queerFAQtor wednesday

queerfaqtor tackles valentines day
ashley tells a story

you know, for being snowed in at work and flirting with panic attacks left and right, i'd say this weeks video isn't half bad.

as far as valentine's day goes, you either embrace it or you don't. there is really little use in stomping your feet, pouting, and being an overall dick to valentine's day supporters. no need in complaining about how it's just a 'commercialized holiday' because, i hate to break it to you, we live in a commercialized world! am i aware that while this holiday does have roots in history, it's all about making a buck off poor shmucks who scramble at the last minute to buy flowers to show 'they care'.

hate on valentine's day all you want, but just like countless other holidays- you either choose to believe in it or not, and regardless of where your allegiances lie- a little more love in this world most certainly wouldn't be a bad thing- commercialized or otherwise.

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  1. bahahhahahaa. the beginning where sammie is sleeping is amazing.

    miss you guys. =]