Thursday, February 4, 2010

random thought #27

random thought#27
  • i hate the phrase 'stuck between a rock and a hard place'.
    as the phrase states, one is trapped between two equal- yet different-
    immovable objects. the desperation alone of the situation sounds terrible, but the fact that the rock and the hard place are presumably bigger than the one who's stuck is downright overwhelming.
    a very depressive place to be in, right?
    then why do we allow ourselves to be placed in that position time and time again?
    on some sick level, its as if we, as humans, must enjoy being in pain.
    we enjoy the discourse of uncertainty.
    the clutterfuck state of life.
    the pain of heartache.
    why can't we just allow ourselves to have happiness?
    i have come to the conclusion that i (although i feel its a universal thing) enjoy pain to a certain extent because it makes me feel alive.
    it reminds me that im human-
    i have emotions- i bleed- i cry- i love.
    perhaps it's just my distorted outlook on things, but no matter how painful or joyful an emotion is- at least you are feeling it. now i won't go so far as to say that i relish pain- i don't go seeking it out, but if it does tumble my way, as it does from time to time in life, i am prepared to get through it and know its just another chapter in my world.

  • 'Gays Too Precious To Risk In Combat,' Says General
    homosexuals "are special, pure and rare- like a gleaming diamond or a snow white colt. we must protect them", well when you put it that way don't ask, don't tell sounds downright thoughtful..haha
  • why do we search for the one?
    why do we tell ourselves that they are out there, and they are going to completely us?
    we give this unknown person so much power, and place so much on their shoulders even the mightiest of men couldn't compare to this illusion we've dreamt up.
    in all honesty, no one knows definitively if they are out there. its like we are on this constant journey, that we never know if we will complete- but we still press on, believing that one day it will happen. that love will walk into our life in a highly dramatic but equally as perfect way.
    maybe some people aren't meant to find love, or at least aren't meant to find it in the way they envisioned. people (i.e. myself) need to drop this idealistic notion about love, true love, soul mates, and how love should go.
    there is no beaten path-
    there is no 'way love goes'-
    simply, let go of the wheel and floor it.
  • god bless the working woman, even a global recession can't hold her down!

    is it just me or would you too, gladly have any of these flexible women over for dinner and a movie (and perhaps a late night booty drop contest)?
  • i learned this week the website dinosaur of the day, has little to nothing to do with dinosaurs. i was incredibly bitter upon discovery of this fact.
  • maybe its the baby rastafarian within me, but i have a love for all reggae and reggae infused music. i've been a fan of major lazer since my friend marvin introduced them to me a while back, but they recently covered beyonce's halo...while i don't LOVE it, i will say it's a fresh spin and i am a fan (but my favorite major lazer jam is mary jane). speaking of music where my verdict is still out- david byrne and fatboy slim teamed up with santigold in a new song called 'please dont'. i like all three individuals a great deal, but the song didn't punch me in the's more like moss- it grows on you, and you grow comfortable with it. with all of that said, happy birthday to bob marley on saturday!


  1. gosh. don't they make stripping look so glamorous?! you know what? screw my degree - i wanna sip courvoisier! (did i even spell it right? oh what does it matter! DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT GIRL!) hehehe

    note: i'm not making fun of strippers ... i'm making fun of rappers ... it's no wonder the new generation doesn't have goals including much more than MTV's Cribs ;)

  2. you know what expression i hate? "no worries"
    excellent point about "the one". i have talks with myself a lot about this it's amazing what movie/tv/books has done to us...

  3. @emma- while i do agree that some in this generation don't have goals, i'd gladly let that particular music video rot my mind for hours. how they move their bodies is mesmerizing...and from 3:00-4:00 i thought i might die from sensory overload.

    @lauren- i blame nicholas sparks, for one; fabio, for two.

  4. Hmm... "no worries" and "rock and a hard place" are okay by me... "hop in the shower", however, upsets me to no end. Luckily it doesn't come up as often as the other two.

    Also... I always kinda saw DADT as a perk. Was I the only one?