Tuesday, February 16, 2010

simply shamless.

2009 lezzy awards
plugging my blog on my blog

guess who was nominated for 'best NEW lesbian blog'?
guess who is asking for your help in efforts to win the title?
guess who is five feet and nine inches of FUN?

that would be me...guilty on all accounts!
actually, to be completely honest i'm a hair or two shy of 5'9''...but the rest is all me.

click here and vote!! (but only if you feel it's warranted, of course)

thanks, my lesbifriends.


  1. i saw that you were nominated! i'm stoked. i'm going to vote right now.

  2. I voted for you, woman. You and your sweet, sweet lesbian insights.

  3. I voted for you. Do votes from men or the straight count? Who cares! Let them track me if they can. I like your blog.

  4. @chris- yah *shakes fist*track you if they can! haha, i hadn't even thought that some votes wouldn't count, that would be terrible. all i know is that you have to click the link that is mailed to you in order for the vote to count. thanks again chris

    @krissy- sweet sweet lesbian insights, haha put that on a t shirt.

    @lauren- =) thank you humbly.