Thursday, July 29, 2010


a breath of fresh air

fire has always been fascinating to me. i can't exactly pinpoint why... something about the way it quivers when perched atop a candle- the way the smell weaves its way into your clothes- the way its brilliance is best displayed when against the backdrop of a clear night. maybe it's the way the sulfur burns your nose when you flick a match and inhale deep- or perhaps it's the simple fact that holding raw power makes me feel strong. there is just something undeniable about fire that keeps me mesmerized.

that sounds eloquent but truth be told it's a fancy way of masking the fact that i'm just a pyro.

there are several ways to snuff out a flame. a painfully typical task, people forget that there is a grace and beauty that comes with extinguishing fire. you must always respect the fact that the allure of a flame is a double edge sword. lean in too close- leave burned; pay it no mind- miss out on natural magic.

if singeing all the hair off of my lower arms one summer night while testing out the flammability of nail polish remover taught me nothing else, at least i learned to respect the power of fire...also how to quickly put out your arms when they are fully engulfed. one can put out a flame through means of dowsing it with a non-flammable liquid; one could lick their fingers and pinch the flame out; and if you are feeling like a douche and want someone to think your cool- then just snuff that lil fella out in your mouth.

but what's the most beautiful way in which a flame is turned off? air. simple, crisp, unassuming air. after a strong gust blows through one of two things will happen to fire- it will either gobble up that wind and grow and spread, burning everything in its path...or it becomes overwhelmed and snuffed out, leaving only a smoke trail behind.

my world has been burning. i know that a breath of fresh air is all i need to turn down this oppressive heat. i also know that when i leave this chapter and move onto the next i'll only leave a smoke trail behind.

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  1. The fire has a special power. It is a power difficult to understand ... if you feel that your world is burned.... As you say!!Just leave your Smoke.... Your Fire will never be able to go out... Because you are a super amazing person ... and you will always have your burning flame on ..

    cuz u have a lot of things to offer.