Wednesday, January 27, 2010

queerFAQtor wednesdays

adventures in clubland
my first experience at a gay club

i also feel the need to stress that as far as being a 'clubber', i am not one. in fact, one might argue i'm a bit of a homebody, or 'lameo' in some social circles. however, when i do go out- i make it count! and by that i mean be the DD, so we get home safe and the taxis don't give us a run for our money..i know these streets!

also, i'm incredibly proud of my secret insertion of not one- but TWO dinosaur homage to our fallen fellows.


  1. i've been a lameo since birth. there is nothing i enjoy more than sitting at home reading. ugh.

  2. thought i'd reciprocate: read most of your blog last night and i'm pretty sure you and i are personality dopplegangers - thank goodness for hipsterkrit's blog or i'd not have found you!