Tuesday, January 5, 2010

random thought #25

random thought #25
because my line of thinking wasn't erratic enough
  • so you want to know a sad, sobering truth? no one writes letters any more. i suppose if you dont enjoy writing, this would be less of an issue for you- but as i very much appreciate the power of the written word this is a devastating revelation for me. dont get me wrong, there are still pockets of people who hand write a letter, put postage on it, and place it lovingly in the mailbox (my best friend, jill hannes, being one of them). but it would seem an overwhelming portion of people consider 'tweeting', 'texting', and 'facebook chat' the way to go when it comes to communication.
    its not shocking that i have a problem with this. i still see writing as having the capability of be one of the most beautiful and emotive art forms. did people stop painting because it was more effective and easier to just use the computer? no way! there is a depth and a realness that cant be captured via a few mouse clicks. so if we can accept that, why is it so hard to say, 'i know that its a bit archaic, but everyone likes receiving mail- especially something with a personalized, warm, wordy, center.'
    as we are in a new year, and we are almost forced to swallow 'its the time of change' pill, i've decided to write more letters. im going to set up a PO box this week, in hopes that someday i have a few penpals..worst case scenario- i start mailing shit to myself to make a point.
    the last pen pal i had was in second grade. she was in germany and kept sending me 'candy' that my mother would always confiscate, as she said it was 'poison' because it traveled over international waters. (if nothing else, you have got to admire the commitment she has to her irrational fears) i found out later it was a kinder egg
    , and now i harbor resentment towards my mother for keeping these delicious treats away from baby ashley.

  • my friend kate, from lezzismore, writes her own music. we were skyping the other day and she mentioned a song she had been working on called, 'personal ad'. she played a bit for me and i said, 'the moment you upload that, i want to repost it- thats hilarious!'
    well- she posted it, and now i'm living up to my end of the bargain. (don't forget to check out lezzismore, and queerfaqtor, if you are into gay saturated vlogging)

  • while lurking around on the internet i stumbled across an item called 'finger cots'. i was at work so of course my first move was to call my girlfriend- 'guess what i found online!' it's as if i could almost hear her roll her eyes. you see, i am notorious for believing tv infomercials or at least wanting to believe that i can buff all of my hair away using a mitt that looks like it was jacked from kid who was playing catch with velcro paddles. it's not that i'm gullible, because trust me- i don't spend a dime on the crap, it's that im impressed with their undying chants of 'YOU NEED THIS', it's simply incredible to me that it doesn't take much to convince people they need more junk...
    but i digress- finger cots, while i'm sure have a valid purpose in this great big world, might as well be called finger condoms. sure, their 'intended usage' is for something small and mechanical- but look at these things! don't you think if they put a little bit of money into aiming for the lesbian market, they may catch a few fish? i'm not sure how offended i'd be if someone felt compelled to slip one of these on prior to a romantic encounter with yours truly, but i do know i'd admire their dedication to cleanliness!
    i mentioned finger cots to my friends and most of them told me i was being perverse, but some were open minded enough to see the lesbian trend of the future: FINGER CONDOMS!

  • sometimes i feel like i live in pee-wee's playhouse. it's not uncommon for me to become hyper attached to a word for a limited period of time (say, an episode), and then every time the word is mentioned streamers come down from the ceiling and everyone screams (in my head).
    the word this week has been fisticuffs. now, this isn't a word that just dances its way effortlessly in and out of your mouth- you really have to commit and do your homework on this one and not because its hard to understand. fisticuffs is another term for fist fight, and its a plural noun. that's all you need to know to use it, but to use it without sounding like you are 80? therein lies the challenge my friends!!
    i've tried, and failed, several times to pepper this into my vocabulary unnoticed...yah, im working on it.

  • i'm not a woman of violence, but i really want nothing more than to punch every lesbian in the throat who says, 'i hate lesbians, they are so dramatic, i'm going to hang out with straight people instead'. i hate to break the news to you guys, but straight people are just as fucked up as we are.


  1. I love love love writing letters. I write Andrew letters all the time and we live together! You should text me your address and I'll send you lots of goodies. It gives me an excuse to buy pretty stationary. I'm such a nerd.

    And the last bit about lesbians not being more dramatic, I agree straight people are equally as fucked up but I feel like it's a different type of drama. Women are more hostile than men usually and go crazy a lot. Men are just lazy and dumb. Okay not all men are dumb but some are just clueless to how women feel.

  2. "I wana be straight because lesbians are so dramatic. I hate being gay. fml"
    --- I've heard this many a time and it always makes me sad. Minority groups need to stick together, form strength in numbers, put their differences asid and forgive, and instead focus their energies on promoting LGBT equality.

    I have been involved in Lesbian and Straight drama but it's because I let myself fall into the traps.
    Common sources of drama:

    - dating your friends ex (unless they give you explicit permission)
    - leading someone on
    - cheating

  3. Jolly good! Finally an other person who enjoys writing letters!
    I despise the fact writing to one another has gone down the bin shoot, it's such a shame. I keep buggering my friends into writing to me. Sometimes it works, which keeps me happy for about a week. Other times it doesn't, in which case I sit pouting and consider writing to myself.
    I'm British but live in Paris. I can send Kinder eggs to you. I can't speak German, but I'm learning Norwegian. Surely, I've caught your attention as a suitable pen-pal by now?
    Here's my e-mail in case: jonz1@hotmail.fr
    I'd love to write to you, even if it's just the one time ^_^
    I have an awful scrawly writing (a little like a spider's had a fit on a piece of paper after being dipped in ink) but I write long letters, if it's any consolation.
    Either way, I adore your videos and watch them regularly. I have something to tell you about last year's Paris Pride, if you bother answering ;)
    Does that count as black mail? Are you a naturally curious person?
    I'm going off on a nervous ramble now. Sorry.
    This pen-pal possibility has me excited.

    Enjoy your day, my greetings to the girlfriend,

    aka Annabelle Blackburn

    PS: My verification word thing (I'm not a bot!) was "prellies". Does that mean something?

  4. Letter writing is awesome. Penpals are also amazing, although then people ask you things like 'why do you write to people you don't even know?' and don't think the answer 'because nobody I KNOW will put a pen to paper' is a sufficient answer.


    Anyway, your friend's personal ad is absolutely hilarious. Go on Jackie!

  5. I also think writing letters is totally awesome, because there will be days you are like totally sad, and not even meeting with your friends or family will help, but when you get a letter from one of your penpals it can make your day just so much more amazing, and make you feel all giddy and happy.
    That's why I started writing letters in the first place.
    And still there are many other reasons of course, for me:
    well, I know a lot of people I won't ever be able to meet, cos we're living too far away from each other, and I'm also much too shy at most times to just talk to somebody, but in letters you can get to know a lot more about a person than you'd ever if you were only talking face to face (at least with most people I know) and I think being able to tell them all the things that make you you, and the thoughts you have in your head, or the feelings you have in heart...
    It's the most amazing thing ever.
    Besides actually being with them and talking truth and from your heart though.

    Anyway, I just think it's wonderfull and amazing and making me feel a LOT better that there are still other people besides me, enjoying writing letters as much as I am.

    Also, another reason for writing letters (or one of mine) is that it helped me write in english more often, because I love this language (sometimes even more than 'my' german) and so it was the greatest things ever, that I got the chance to write to my now best friend over there in England.

    However, hope you've had a wonderful time,
    take care,

  6. This post (and perhaps the comments on it) reminds me that I need to respond to my penpal, an adorable gay who lives in Michigan.