Friday, January 22, 2010

random thought #26

random thought #26
politics, unicorns, and other brilliant thoughts
  • eugene delgaudio is a republican representative for loudon county virginia, he is also a gentlemen of which i am not a fan. i try very hard to understand other peoples opinions, but when you are an elected official i feel it's is your obligation to set an example for your constituents. you are most certianly entitled to your opinions just as much as anyone else, but bigotry has no place in the government (or the world in general). when you use your seat of power to further a hatefilled mantra, you are flirting with jim jones status in my book. what's my beef with eugene? well back on january 5th the loudoun county board of supervisors passed an excutive order banning the discrimination of basing the hiring of an individual on ones sexual orientation. eugene did not support the ban, and voted against it (so, it's safe to say he voted in favor of discrimination, just so we are on the same page). after the ban passed, he felt inclined to then email his constituents stating, "if a man dressed as woman wants a job, you have to treat ‘it’ the same as a normal person."
    in what world is 'it' an acceptable term for a person? he went on to call transgendered and transsexuals, "cross-dressing freaks", and "men in dresses" and topped off the politically incorrect email with, "i think that the board did a freaky, bizarre, and fruity thing that day". really, eugene? 'fruity thing' in reference to a ban being passed on discrimination? that's a bit archaic, don't you think?
    the worst part about all of this is that after the email hit the media, not shockingly, there was a public outcry for an apology. an outcry that apparently has fallen on deaf ears. he has not publicly apologized, but when asked about the email he merely rewords what he initially stated. the clarification? “a man dressed as woman wants a job, you have to treat “it” the hiring of this man the same as a normal person a man who wears normal clothing.”
    *rolls eyes* it's hard to accept an apology when it's not an apology at all.

  • have you ever had one of those moments when an idea pops into your head and even if for just a moment, you believe that you have just given birth to a brand new idea? that you have thought something that has never been thought of before- that you created something magical and fresh. i had one of those moments the other day, followed very quickly by one of those moments where you realize you are a moron.
    i was thinking about netflix and what other items would be nice to have mailed to your house on the regular. essential items where the first on my list (you know, sustenance), followed by bags of money (whatever, in my head anything is realistic), and i also thought it would be neat if there was some way to have puppies delivered to my house weekly (and then swapped out for a new one the following week) but my BRILLIANT idea was books. thats right, BOOKS, or more specifically a netflix for books!
    i called my mother to run my idea by her- her response?
    'its called a library ashley...'
    touche mother...touche indeed.
    BUT I WANT AN ONLINE WISH LIST DAMNIT! step up your game, publicly funded book institutions, my tax dollars demand it.

  • the english author, d.h. lawerence, once wrote, "I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself." i generally pride myself on not being an animal, and trying to hold myself accountable for all of my actions- however the man has a point. sometimes we need to let go, allow ourselves to live unapologetically, and stop feeling sorry for ourselves.

  • the past two weeks have been pretty busy for me with work and moving in with my girlfriend (we have been together for over a year, and financially it makes perfect sense- if i so much as hear a whisper of 'u-haul' i will punch you in the throat. that's a lie, i'll probably just spit a witty one liner at you and remind you that my room is rad.) but with next week comes my normal life, the fun task of placing my trinkets around the room to mark my territory, and most importantly- i will return to my semi-normal posting schedule.

  • who says lesbians don't ever wear dresses?! isn't she breathtaking? (and by she i'm clearly referring to the massive cleave my girlfriend decided to let loose) but now that you mention it, my precious lady was the belle of the ball that night! i, on the other hand, looked like a highlighter threw-up on me.don't judge me,we all have our crosses to bear- mine happens to be a love affair with incredibly vibrant and/or vintage fashions, coupled with the twins on my chest that scream in tandem, 'prepubescent'. point being, baby girl looks good.
  • blanket memo to all facebook users with furry children: please stop making facebook accounts for your pets. furthermore, as it pertains to posting status updates via your pet's facebook page- that makes people uncomfortable..and by people i mean me. we all know it's you who made the account, and as dogs do not have opposable thumbs i'm going to assume you typed out 'i'm hungry and adorable. i love this new shirt my mommy got me.' maybe i'm being cynical- but shits what makes you happy, but don't expect me to add his furry fanny.

  • everyone assumes unicorn's are sweet, however the more thought i give them the more i believe that unicorns where more than likely mythological jousters..the triceratops of the fabled creatures! with a giant spear on ones head, how could you not utilize it?! animals aren't ones to evolve for fashion's sake, that horn has got to have some use aside from making fantasy loving children everywhere swoon. (when looking for photos to accompany this thought, i typed in the seemingly harmless 'angry unicorn'. FYI- it's not so harmless. don't you just love accidentally stumbling across a horrifically graphic sex term whilst at work?! type 'angry unicorn' into urbandictionary and tell me how you feel..i feel like a lot of ladies will get a good chuckle out of that.)


  1. ok...i haven't had a chance to read all of this yet, but that rep should be slapped upside the head. A LOT. i can't and will never understand such intolerance and hatred from people who are in positions of power. how the hell do they get into power in the first place?

  2. I enjoy the random thoughts posts. It feels like I'm flipping channels in your brain.

  3. I know the dog thing is about Mr.Muggles. He's so adorable he NEEDS a faebook. Don't even pretend like you don't stalk him. Just for the record though, Andrew did it and he keeps up with it. I'm too busy for that nonsense but I do find it thoroughly entertaining.