Friday, January 15, 2010

bare's one year anniversary round two

if at first you don't succeed
wait until the 2 feet of snow melt and try try again

you have got to hand it to the ladies of lure, they've got tenacity. regular readers will remember not too long ago i was excited for the one year anniversary celebration of the ladies night, bare at cobalt. as the day drew nearer, the weather reports became more and more dire- '24 inches to hit the DC area by midday saturday'. as a conspiracy theorist and one that was raised to question everything (authority included) i, of course, disregarded the weather report and using my own technique deduced the storm would miss us. the 'technique' that i used, not even remotely rooted in science, was more or less just a judgment call on my part- influenced heavily on what would be more conducive to my plans- and the storm missing us would have been ideal. but as fate would have it, the snow did come, the event was postponed, and saturday the lesbians shall rise again!
if you are in the dc/b'more area i most definitely suggest you shimmy yourself over to this event. it is bound to be one of the best of the season, if not the year (which is ballsy to say, considering it is january). i will be there alongside most of my friends, so if you are the type who claims that you don't have enough interactions with other lady lovers, saturday night is your night to shine. i promise the ladies will be out in full force, and the drinks will be strong- so come out, and if you see me be sure to say 'hey girl'.

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