Wednesday, December 16, 2009

where you NEED to go

the ladies of LURe present:
BARE's 1 Year Anniversary @ Cobalt

since posting, living off the gay grid last week, i have received several emails from ladies who told me that they too were living a life devoid of fellow lesbots and they yearned for more. (not that there is anything wrong with living this life, but it is nice sometimes to turn to those who understand the gay world) they asked me, 'where can i go to start meeting women'- ladies, it seems as if they gay gods heard your little cries and have answered with giant, BAM BABY!

its rare that a ladies night works consistently. i have no idea why but generally, the pattern goes something like this:


'hey! theres a new ladies night, lets all go and see how it is. if its a bust we can just go back to our local dives, but i think its gonna bring out a good crowd.'

the first night more than likely gives you enough hope to come back again the next time.

'the crowd is a little bit different, and its not as packed but still worth a cover charge and a taxi ride'
the second time the event goes on, you dont leave disappointed per say but you do have a bit of a different vibe. the novelty of a 'new event' is starting to wear off.

'did someone send out a mass email to NOT come here? where did everyone go?'
admittedly, this is when i enjoy going to the event because its at this point in time that i can flail my arms around wildly and dance to whatever song in my heart at the moment without fear of punching people in the throat.

'oh shit, they are still having that event?'
everyone has forgotten about the event, and is already looking for the next best thing.


the conclusion that is to be drawn from all this, is that club promoters and event coordinators need to constantly change up events in order to keep a consistent crowd rolling in. either that or just throw rad events regularly and build up a good repore with your clients. the main problem with this is that lesbians are a different breed, having been to both gay and straight events ive come to the conclusion that lesbians can be incredibly fickle.

ive found my friends to fall into one of two categories. you have the group who is perfectly content skipping the club/event scene and going to the same dive bar, or the same house party weekend after weekend. then you have the group who wants to find the biggest best event of the night, every night.

so how in the world are lesbian club/event promoters supposed to appease everyone? how does free champagne, celebrity guest appearances by some of 'the l word' cast (of course i have no idea who exactly is coming but im crossing my fingers for miss leisha hailey), hot lady go-go dancers provided by red bull, chances to win passes for dinah shore or queer prom, sound to you? still not convinced this is a party not to be missed? how about the fact that their will be a red carpet and a photographer on hand? yah, you love that dont you, you little narcissist!

all of that and MORE is being offered by the ladies of
LURe. in order to celebrate the one year anniversary of BARE at cobalt, they have pulled out all stops. first off, i think congratulations are in order for even having an event that lasts an entire year- let alone one that can still pull in a healthy amount of ladies month after month. the third saturday of every month is when BARE at cobalt generally runs, but this saturday will outdo all before it.

so- now that you are dying to go, heres the information you need to know. there are two different options as far as cover charges go- the regular rate is considered 'general admission' at $10, whereas the VIP option is $25. now im no lush, but im going to opt for the VIP, because from what i understand it comes with 'free champagne'. regardless of which you choose, this is most defiantly not an event to be missed. cobalt is located at 1639 r st nw, washington dc 20009 (essentially at 17th and r nw). doors open at 10pm, and this is NOT the night to be fashionably late. its going to be crowded, so getting there early is a good life choice.

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  1. damn... thats what sucks about living in canada... :( special celebrity guests from the l word, ill actually wanna die if carmen was there!