Wednesday, December 2, 2009

lesbifriends with queerFAQtor wednesdays

lesbifriends x queerFAQtor wednesday=
a whole lotta ashley

so as some of you all will remember, not to long ago i auditioned to be on the youtube collaborative channel 'queerFAQtor'. i landed the spot and this was my first week to sock it to em, the only issue being im not at all trained in video work and im also terrified ive done something wrong and subsequently the entire channel will hate me. but ill always have you, right?

check it out, comment, or at least keep upping that viewcount!!


  1. i miss reading your blog! i went through one of those spells where i had no desire to be anywhere near the internet for a few weeks.
    i've also dyed my hair darker in the meantime. yours looks great!

  2. you did a great job on your first video. i was actually rather nervous for my first vid too cuz it totally different having 60 people watch vs. over 2k, so im hoping i can adapt some of those natrual talking skills that you have and dont worry about the editing i thought you did a good job! yay for great newbies! im so glad they picked you. this will def be a fun journey!

  3. lauren, welcome back! i know how you feel. i flirt with those same spells, but by the time i get to work i realize that i should probably just suck it up and google something. i dont think you could ever look bad- but im partial to dark right now. yours is looking amazing.

    chelle, thank you! i think the thing that worries me the most is in the blogging world you get a few haters, but more or less if someone doesnt like your stuff they just dont come back. youtubers can be NASTY!! but yes- yay for newbies. your videos are awesome, and ill admit- i love them b/c regardless of content i know im going to see a whole mess of color!!

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