Thursday, December 3, 2009

LBGT shout out

LGBT shout out:
towson university & MICA homosexuals

it would come as a shock to noone if i were to say no matter how big the lesbian world may seem, we are all connected. the online lesbian world is no different. i know that not all of my readers are lesbians- but i thought two groups of lady lovers deserved a special shout out.

i went onto the lesbifriend facebook page, and i was flipping through the members. i would click on those with pictures, and not because i was trying to get my stalk on, but i genuinely wanted to know who in the world finds my blog interesting enough not only to READ it, but then publicly declare that love via a facebook 'fan' status.

what i deduced after all of my 'perusing' was that there are a lot of fun looking lesbians that attend MICA in baltimore. practicing full disclosure i must admit, i have a thing for: hipsteresque, could be in an indie rock band, tattooed, introspective, artist chicks. so it would be a perfect pairing considering MICA stands for maryland institute college of art. my raging hormones aside, the few girls ive actually talked to that attend that school are incredibly badass. they all, from what i have gathered, have their heads on straight, are devoted to their respective art forms, and are just plain dynamic people. the type of girls you see once and go, 'i want to be her friend, i just want to sit down and pick her brain'. to all of the ladies at MICA who read my blog, and support it on facebook- i send you my sincerest thank you, and also a full body hug (you know the kind when that uncle hugged you and you could feel everything from his genitals to his ribcage? yyaaahhh, MICA ladies, prepare for one of THOSE coming atcha from yours truly.)

that brings me to the good ol' homosexuals at towson university. oh you ladies and gentlemen are just precious little peaches. the only time ive the pleasure of meeting a handful of these folks face to face was this trip to baltimore, when i met them all outside. i was minding my own business, puffing on a cancer stick outside of the club and these new friends make there way over towards me and my girlfriend. out of nowhere one girl says, 'im sure this is weird, but ive seen your videos online- are you ashley?'. then they all felt it was safe to come over, and expressed the same general sentiment! but dont think your alcohol consumption went unnoticed, friends of mine at towson. i cant wait to run into you all again, hopefully down in my neck of the woods.


  1. I had a friend who once went to MICA briefly, and she explained to me once that while she was eating lunch on the lawn, a bunch of girls just started throwing their tops off and chasing each other. Just starting art school in PA (though from MD), I was shocked. Oh no, not that MICA girls would do that, but because MY art school would not. I believe I am 1 out of 3 lesbians total in the school, and although we are small, what's the deal? Even all my straight friends wonder at the lack of gays.

    Come on guys, seriously. Throw down your paintbrushes, throw down your tops, and let's get self-expressive in the outdoor art garden already.

  2. bahah rachel! i had no idea that was going on. here i thought it was only baltimore club lesbians that got naked, but your telling me these MICA girls get naked- for the sake of tag?! yet another reason id slap a ring on all their fingers in a heartbeat.

    looks like you need to don your 'recruiter hat' and let the ladies know its ok to hit on you on campus.

    lol "let's get self-expressive in the outdoor art garden already"