Thursday, December 31, 2009

dear lesbifriends, happy new year

to all my dearest lesbifriends,

i started this blog back in july with the intention of having a resting place for my scattered thoughts. what was once just a silly little page where a few of my friends read my thoughts on topics that were important to us, has transformed into a sassy blog in her preteens. lesbifriends.blogspot is growing along with her readers, taking dips and turns and going through blog puberty.

haha, alright, perhaps writing this post in the pre-party stages of new years eve partying was a poor choice on my part, but be that as it may my friends! i wanted to take this time to sincerely thank you all for reading, and interacting with me. your support throughout this year has been tremendous, and i dont know if you all will ever know just how much you mean to me.

my blog is very much an extension of me. i can be completely transparent about my sexuality and i can share a curtness with you all that would be unfathomable in the 'real world'. i hope that one day the openness i share on my blog will be how it is in MY real world. but even if that day never comes, i will continue to try to unite us all through lesbian tales ive seen- i will continue to pour my opinions into witty posts, while always trying to remain as unbiased as possible (its my undying journalistic spirit, i tell ya!)- i will continue to try and prove that anger, hate, and aggressiveness is best combated with sensible, honest minds and words- and i will continue to believe that while the title may be 'lesbifriends', the subject matter speaks to straight or anything in between.

take care my lesbifriends, and be safe tonight- if you are out in the DC area, heres the sober ride info (its free upto $50, anything on top of thats on you- thats a sweet deal, considering the alternative DUI)

happy new year everyone,


  1. Love this. I can't believe I almost didn't start my blog... it hurts my heart when I think about how many awesome people I would have missed out on meeting!

  2. And my word verification was "bra leak". Tee hee.

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