Monday, December 7, 2009

random thought #24

random thought #24
on a manic monday..well less 'manic' and more 'lame'

  • ive mentioned a local favorite band of mine several times throughout the lifetime of my blog, soja (soldiers of jah army) are arlington va natives and are all around rad fellas. i had to post this song, as the lyrics are some of my favorite written by the band and more importantly because they are on tour again. i cant wait to see them just after christmas!
  • i know that its not hard to draw parallels between katy perry and zooey deschanel (what with them looking nearly identical and all), however i feel as if poor zooey has gotten the short end of the stick. i have nothing against katy perry (even if i hated her song for a while, as every straight person i associated with found it hilarious to shout 'this songs for you' every time it came on. thanks guys- thanks for wrapping my sexuality up into a nice, healthy pop anthem that glorifies sexual fluidity yet in the same stanza claims homosexuality feels 'so wrong') but i think zooey is a bigger talent. shes a bankable actress, has flawless milky skin, and admittedly i just plain like her music more.
  • i initially fell in love with the kills during 'the tape song'...but as of this moment in time im loving cheap and cheerful:
  • on sunday the discovery channel aired its new series called 'clash of the dinosaurs' and of course i both recorded it and watched it. its really one of the better dinosaur docu-series, full to the brim full of incredibly fascinating dinosaur facts. even if you arent an avid fan of them, i still suggest you watch this. my girlfriend does not share my dino love, however she (was forced to by my puppy dog eyes) watched the show and i think enjoyed it.
  • is it just me or does ke$ha (who is on the rise for her song, tik tok) sound a lot like uffie? i personally love uffie and have a shitton of remixes of hers on my computer...but its something that bothers me. its clear it doesnt bother me that much, as i still love that catchy 'tik tok' song.
  • seriously lesbians, can you stop dating girls with your name or that look identical to you? its happening all around me and its making me feel uncomfortable. ive mentioned both of these things before and its clear no one took my advice.
  • after i finished my budget for this month i realized while i have enough to cover all of my bills i have literally zippy left for christmas gifts. at first i was pretty bummed considering i really do love giving gifts, making people happy, and finding the gift that wasnt asked for but most definitely one that they wanted. i became increasingly more depressed realizing that i was obsessing over money again and thats never been a trait id like to claim. how is it that i dont want to be the type of person concerned with money and monetary things and yet this 'real world', 'living paycheck to paycheck' bullshit is really waring me down. i cant help but obsess over money that i dont have. its not that im yearning for more to buy lavish things, i just want to be comfortable- and quite frankly this market is no longer going to cut it.
  • it bothers me that many in the lbgt community feel as if there are too many lables in our little world, and yet those same people are coming up with new and creative ways to define themselves daily. look- i believe sexuality is fluid. i have no problem with that argument, however just because i identify as a lesbian (and yes that means i dont leave the door open for any fella to walk through) doesnt mean im narrow minded. yes, pansexuals dont see sex in those they love, but i very much do. i dont care what you identify as, but when you start preaching about being open minded and not suffering from the 'boundaries of gender' thats where i draw the line. there is nothing wrong with stating your love for one gender (yes im defending both breeders AND lesbians) if thats how you feel! theres nothing narrow minded about being true to yourself. we are a community that prides itself on its inclusionary nature, and yet the more labels we find the more divisive our world becomes.

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  1. that's the first time i've heard she and him and the kills.

    as much as i want to love zooey deschanel, i haven't seen her do anything that's really made me step back and go, "shit, she's a good actress". however, as i've now learned, she is a good singer. better singer than katy perry, but not a better actress then katy perry. ;)

    and the kills are kind of awesome.