Wednesday, December 16, 2009

lesbifriends with queerFAQtor wednesdays

lesbifriends x queerFAQtor wednesday=
debunking gay myths, rumors and stereotypes

to expand on the topics that were discussed in this video, i think its important to stress i understand that not everyone is as ok with the gay community as i am. i personally am entitled to my belief of those who dont support me and my world, are both narrow minded and hateful- but i know that it would be hypocritical of me to not allow them the same chance to speak that i get. you will find that i disagree with many of my peers on this- i dont think its right to counter a movement against gays with anger and name calling, an eye for an eye leaves us both blind (ghandi). when you step back and think rationally, there is always a logical way of explaining things and even if there isnt, spewing venom solves nothing. you do whatever makes you happy in this great big world, and im going to do the same. ill respect all of those around me, and hope that the same privilege is afforded to me.


  1. A friend turned me onto your blog and you're thoughts are intriguing at points and you do raise a few good ones from time to time.

    This being said however I find myself curious at what's the greater point of your blog if there is one because you're clearly addressing a larger public(larger than your circle of friends unless you're trying to be humorous.

    You, like many homosexuals, seem to be of the proud variant(which you've made a video of claiming you're not one of, but perhaps my own personal standards of what is acceptable behavior is different).

    You also talk down to people because of things you've been through(see how dare you rant in your video), people have problems. Yours was sexuality it seems, but being someone who has had a less than perfect life(father is a homosexual in the closet who quintessentially destroyed my family as a result- I love him dearly and respect him as a father and have had little to no negative feedback to the gay community as a result. This is one of the simplest issues I've had in my life, feel free to hit me up on my aim if you'd like my life story @ loyaltyunbound13).

    If you want to gain acceptance in the public eye, become known for something worth being known for. Being intelligent, a good speaker, engaging, and funny. I mean look at gay celebrities, Ellen D. got noticed....not for being gay.

    Also stereotypical of D.C. people within the country, the country is bigger than your backyard. I get DC is the center focal point, and that people in DC are "worldly" but you tend to overemphasize issues. This is a suggestion to move your attention to other aspects of our country. Not hating on DC people, I have a few that are really awesome but as you made a point via the flannel thing, stereotypes exist for a reason.

    Could this be a great blog? Most easily. I look forward to seeing more of your work and tracking your progress as an "artist".

  2. you are absolutely amazing!

    Ive just started dating a girl and it is my first rleationship with a female. and i love it, it has totally changed the way i look at things. the hardest thing is the reactions of my family, my friends have been great but my mum in particular thinks im doing it for attention whih is insane i dont understand why anybody would ever do it for attention as its not easy at all.

    i love your blog.

  3. @anon-
    first and foremost, i appreciate your honesty and bluntness about my blog as a whole. its clear that you have taken the time to read a few of my posts and get a basic feel of what i do on this page.

    im trying to take everything you said in without having my opinions clouded by the fact that i am not sure i understand your issue with me taking about DC from time to time. i live in this area, and was born and bred here (in fact, i do not LIVE in dc, nor have i claimed to). do i keep my blog pretty topical? sure, i dont really see an issue with that. i never claim to be on the pulse of world news when it comes to this blog. i dont express myself here in that manner- and quite frankly, i dont think my readers have issue with me discussing dc gay marriage and dc events regardless of where they live.

    you mention my 'talking down to people' that try to tell me that i am wrong in saying i am a homosexual, im sorry if thats how i came across. let me clarify- everyone is entitled to their opinion, including myself. i think its wrong for anyone to speak down to another person. if i did that by saying 'how dare you' then so be it, but my intention was to point out how ridiculous it is for others to try to 'fix' gay people (i feel the same way when a straight man is hassled in his 30s for not being married, even if that is his choice). im sorry about your fathers latent homosexuality ruining your family, but my sexuality has not been the biggest hurdle in my life. i did not 'poo-poo' anyone elses life, if you listen to what i say on the tape- but if thats the message you gathered, i hope my writing has fixed that.

    as it pertains to my little page here- yes, my sexuality is something im proud of and i am involved in the gay community- i think my blog reflects that. however, you asked 'the greater point of my blog' here because i enjoy writing- its something that is a passion of mine. i didnt start my blog to do anything but express myself and connect with both like minded people and those who challenge my line of thinking.

    again, i appreciate you taking the time to check out what i have going on here. eventually it would be great to be known as an articulate, smart, witty, dynamic woman, who also is a lesbian. we are in new times my friend, prior to ellen it wasnt as socially acceptable for people to be out and then make it in the entertainment world (hence the website in her namesake- i most certainly dont try to use my sexuality to get ahead in my career. in fact, most in my corporate life forget im gay b/c its not a topic brought up often.

    my blog is my safe haven.
    my blog is where i go to write.
    my blog is my baby, and something i have a passion for.
    if other people read that and gain anything from it- thats just icing on the cake. all im trying to do is be myself =)

  4. A person would have to be blind not to see how "intelligent, well spoken, engaging, and funny" Ashley is.
    Though her blog is an excellent look into and commentary on lesbian culture, it's also an excellent look into and commentary on life.

  5. so prior to reading the first comment added to this video i was going to comment that the beginning of this video made me laugh hysterically because of the dog shit.

    but then i read that first comment and it kind of irritated me a bit because "anonymous" is completely wrong about you as a person. you are probably one of the few people i've met that do not talk down to people and do not feel the need to make others feel like shit for their opinions. and i don't think that anywhere in any of your blogs that you are belittling anyone else's opinions/beliefs.

    and why are you not allowed to talk about your city ? it's kind of like how when i moved up there from florida, all i talked about was florida.. because that's what i knew. sure, you've been other places in the country, but what you know best is DC/VA and what happens in your daily life happens there.

    i feel like this person didn't quiet get the right message from your blog/videos and is judging you completely wrong because you are extremely intelligent and i happen to respect your opinions because they're not so narrow-minded.

  6. Hey Ashley,

    I'm absolutely thrilled that you are the new vlogger for QueerFAQtor Wednesdays, it's like my humpday thrill of the week, yes I too celebrate humpday with a great passion.

    I couldnt help but agree with your video this week, all the stereotypes placed around gays just seems incredible. Going back to your "living off the grid" post, I am one of those girls, I'm surrounded by straight people, most of them being men. Admittedly, I love being a resident lesbian celebrity at parties however, I'm so tired of hearing the "you haven't experienced a real man" argument after hearing that I in fact, am a gold star lesbian. This frustrates me because what, were just socially constructed to be straight? That straight people don't have to experiment with people of the same sex for some sort of straight confirmation. I don't know, but being gay definitely isn't a walk in the park.

    That's my piece, and I love your blog. I read every post and watch every video. You definitely remind me of Ellen because you keep me constantly laughing but on the other hand you raise some interesting arguments that get me thinking. Keep it up, this blog is my ultimate procrastination tool from school work!

    Take care and Merry Christmas Ashley!