Wednesday, December 23, 2009

lesbifriends with queerFAQtor wednesdays

holidays shamolidays: 'tis the season i wish i was jewish
...even more than normal.

kind of a broad topic, but after i reviewed this video i realized my love for jewish culture is now borderline obsessive. i wouldnt classify myself as a cynic when it comes to the holidays, i most certainly am a firm believer in magic, and whimsy, and mystery but i dont need to start getting ready in september.
also, i have no problem with giving to charities, however salvation army bell ringers? that bell is jarring as hell and makes me want to claw my eyes out...might i suggest a violin.


  1. aaah! you're hysterical! gosh, i hope i see you on tv very soon.

  2. i too love the jews. for a long time i didnt know how jewish i was...i said words like nebbish and schmuck way before i even had a close jewish friend since my dad did a year long exchange program with brooklyn jews before he moved to the states all the way. enjoy whats left of the holidays!