Monday, November 30, 2009

gamer word of caution

gay gamers on xbox
keep it on the DL ftw

in lieu of cyber monday i chose to make my own version of cyber monday. its called 'cyber monday' and pretty much consists of myself, coworkers, and workers all around the world going to their favorite websites all day, and absorbing information. i wont go as far to say its a 'brilliant idea' as the name is 100% the same as the current day, but the difference is im still in a recession and thus everyones getting crafts from ashbash for christmas. but i digress, i was being a good lesbian, getting my daily gay fill on i stumbled across something that caught my eye. the title said 'suspended from xbox live for being a lesbian', being the impartial lesbian that i am, my first thought was 'maybe it was because you were shouting something douchey over xbox live'. (if you ever want to stock up on a new arsenal of creative insults- xbox live is where its at.) but after reading the girls rant i understood her frustration.

i began to do a little research (read: i refreshed a new google page), and i found this has happened before- in fact, it happens OFTEN. and if you think that just because you are straight you are in the clear- you are dead wrong hetero. poor old richard gaywood will tell you. as if it wasnt rough enough growing up in a narrowminded world with a last name that screams 'homo-boner', richard was kicked off xbox live for his name..just his name?!

microsoft has apologized in the past for how they treat sexual orientation matter online, but its clear that they still run xbox live the same way. you may be shocked to find out, i actually support microsoft banning such players. now yes, its unfortunate that several homosexuals were swept up in the ban of essentially gay verbiage and kicked offline, but the intent of the rule is clear- to DEFEND HOMOSEXUALS.

too often people who are attacked relentlessly build up a wall around them, and subsequently feel that everyone is attacking them. this is true of the LBGT community. im sure that people will have a problem with how i feel, but honestly- we dont need to be so sensitive all the time. we arent always being slighted, we arent always being mistreated, sometimes people are actually trying to help us out. is it just a little fucked up that the rule whos intention is to help protect gays from defamatory statements is actually kicking them offline in the process? yes- of course thats unfortunate, however lets look at the broader picture- people who use gay terms as insults are also getting kicked off as well. isnt that what the LBGT community wants? isnt that what we need? i for one think so.

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  1. It's the same thing with racial slurs. If you say the N word, even if you're black, I'm sure you'll get kicked off.