Tuesday, November 3, 2009

dear lesbifriends

dear lesbifriends;

happy election day to you. its 10:30pm est and its still a bit too close to call in maine as far as their gay marriage proposal is concerned. (by the way, check out the video posted below.
a proposal of a different kind at the DC council meeting- it made me cry..) at my work establishment everyone is super inundated with news, ALL the time. when people die- im aware the minute it crosses the wire, when 13% of a precinct is projecting a winner in a gubernatorial election- im on point; when a silver alert (which i learned yesterday is for the old folks, and an amber alert is for children) is issued- i know what type of geriatric character is mia.

with all of that said, i hope you all accept my apology as my post today is lacking. i was practicing 'responsibility' and focused all of my efforts towards my workload today (shocking considering my paycheck would lead one to believe im 7 years old and work at a textile factory). however, if i can be honest with you, im in love with my job and although it can be time consuming, tedious, and turn me into a robot- i wouldnt give it up for anything.

thats a lie. why do i feel obligated to say that. yes- im thrilled with my job, and i find my work rewarding, but ive been busting my hump looking for
that job thats going to change my world. i- like most of my peers- have been tirelessly searching for a path in live thats going to fulfill us. im still on that path, this job a mere step on the way to that point. oh no- im going to stop now, i had no intention of having this little letter go down the path of 'hopes, dreams, and work'. not today ashbash, brevity is key.

i shall return tomorrow, assuming my workload thins out. but even if not- you know i cant stay away.

so long,

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