Thursday, November 12, 2009

2012 state of mind

state of mind

when compiled effectively, the evidence seems pretty dismal- it would seem as if we are indeed all headed for certain death come december of 2012. so, its only logical that we all bend over and kiss each others fannies goodbye.

whats that? im being too rash and you dont agree? you think that its all a coincidence?

well, i wont exactly say i disagree. ill give you doomsday believers one thing- the mayans really do make you think its possible, and then coupled with the countless other philosophers who backup the mayans claims- it really does seem to be a lock we are all going down in a ball of flames. then reason kicks in and you ask yourself, 'really, two years from now the earth will no longer sustain human life? thats lame, im never going to able to get all those sweet AARP discounts! and dont even get me started on how fun i imagine 2013 will be. so all of it will just be gone?' both arguments have valid points, but it doesnt really matter WHAT you choose to believe, because 2012 is coming whether or not we believe it will bring with it the end of days (and possibly some neat plagues, maybe the earth will spew fire- WHO KNOWS!)

what i do know for certain, is that regardless of what we think might happen, no one really knows and thats why ive adopted a '2012 state of mind'. brilliant, if i do say so myself! it eases both my rational and irrational beliefs with one fell swoop!! in this state one does in fact believe that there is a real possibility that the world will end (while also firmly believing that the claims of destruction are almost laughable) and those living in this state along with me will live their lives as if we were all at deaths door.

not that we should need an excuse to live life to the fullest and unapologetically, but this is the perfect reason to kick your own life into high gear! what better reason to go out and experience the world than the possibility of total annihilation? if nothing else, we can thank the mayans for helping us all to pause and consider what it would be like if we were all gone. i feel, they also force us to take a look inward at ourselves- i find myself asking: what impact have you made in this life? whos lives have you touched? are you proud of who you are? have you experienced things that bring you to life? did you do all you could while on this earth?

i have two short years to take my life wherever i want. after that, its either death or keep on livin'. while im crossing my fingers for the latter, if death comes a'knockin for us all i know that ill be happy with who i am, who ive been, and what i did on this earth. in the meantime, i will work tirelessly in all my endeavors, i will love those around me with all my heart, i wont be afraid to take risks (albeit calculated, comon we cant just go willy nilly now), and above all i will stop at nothing to try and accomplish all of my dreams by december 21st, 2012.

best case scenario- shits cool, and the mayans were just clowning around.
worst case scenario- we all die, but proud of the lives we led.
i say- WIN/WIN!

for those who are interested in more information about 2012- im not ashamed to admit that i have a love for the national geographic channel and an even stronger love for 'investigation discovery'. a while back, i watched 'decoding the past: doomsday 2012', its most defiantly a great piece (it does a fabulous job of making you believe its going down) but i will warn you- even though im sure they tried to remain unbiased in the episode, with a title like 'doomsday 2012' its pretty clear which direction they were leaning.

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  1. Just so you know, I ended up seeing 2012 tonight when the New Moon schedule didn't work out. First of all, John Cusack should be ashamed. Second, that was the worst movie I have seen in quite a long time. Third, as soon as homegirl proposed 2012, I thought of you and this post.

    That's all.