Tuesday, November 10, 2009

random thought #21

random thoughts #21

**lesbian, queer, transgender, bisexual, breeder- it doesnt matter how you identify, if you have that glorious estrogen running in your veins and that precious uterus aching monthly then you must be at the ready for baby fever. it spreads faster than h1n1 or swine, and has been crippling hoards of women for generations. ive noticed it lately in my friends, it starts off innocently enough with comments such as, 'aw, look how adorable that baby is'. it slowly transforms into your friends dropping the 'i want one' line when seeing particularly cute kids. and it ends with you wrestling a turkey baster full of semen out of your girlfriends hands at 3am.
in all honesty, im sure im on a boat with this thought, but i really do feel that people are chatting about children more often lately. i have nothing against kids (thats a lie, nothing makes me want to die inside more than a child with snot crust all over their nose, and lord knows what embedded under their nails) but i know that its not a bridge i want to cross yet in my life.
i know that when i do have children, i will devote my life to them and right now i dont feel like im equipped to be the absolute best parent in the world (talk about understatement, i still think that a dinosaur sleeping bag is a sound investment).

**i read this online, and felt it was too good not to post:
"90 people get the swine flu and everybody wants to wear a mask.
a million people have AIDS and nobody wants to wear a condom."
now sure, i know that mostly ladies read my blog..and of those ladies, most of them are sleeping with other ladies and thus a condom would be a bit much, however- washington dc has the highest rate of HIV and AIDS, so i thought it was worth a mention.

**halloween went great, here are a few pieces of photograpic perfection from that weekend:

my gorgeous friends, emily the deadhead and alisha the chick from the end of 'dude wheres my car'...hail zoltan indeed!

samula the kickball player, my girl donna as pikachu (way to reinforce stereotypes!), and my friend danielle as part of H1N1

just a little something special that you would only find at a party chalked full of hot lesbots

my friend danielle and i, getting RAWRdy! ok. that was a terrible pun, but still- i bet it made u smile a little.

and finally, this photo does nothing but confirm that im a creepy fella indeed. (but you are welcome none the less)

** the DC sniper was put to death today. i was reading different online blogs/facebook status', and frankly i was shocked at the level of anger people still carried with them towards the two snipers. i was in the area when the sniper was around. i suffered just as much as anyone else who wasnt directly touched by them. i was forced to run in zig zags home from school. i was terrified that my parents were going to be sniped away while pumping gas.

we all lived with that fear, but this anger? what does that solve? i consulted my best friend jill hannes because she is the only person i know who can speak and enlighten me no matter what the topic. i told her that while i felt justice was served, it was hard for me to be happy that someone was killed. yes, i know first hand the amount of pain he caused this area and that he robbed the nation of the security of the mundane however i dont feel its my place to say who lives and dies.
jill reminded me that the sniper did just that- chose who lived and died on a whim, he tried to play 'god', got caught, and now has to face the music.
even so- i have a hard time wrapping my mind around glorifying any form of untimely death, justified or not. i do hope that those who thought the execution would bring them closure, found some solace tonight.

** i cleaned my room this weekend and am getting rid of four boxes of clothes- this was, sad to say, EXTREMELY tough for me. im the type of person who can NEVER wear something, but when i hold it in my hands i feel as if i can do anything with it. i can admit im a thrift store impulse buyer, the only way i dont go overboard and invest a whopping seven dollars on fun things like dino sleeping bags
is if my girlfriend comes to the thrift store with me.
if you are a hardcore thrifter like i am, you know that when going to a big store its best to go in with a lot of patience and an open mind...my girlfriend does NOT shop like this. in fact, when i bring her along i often end up feeling terribly guilty and leave before my gameplan has been completed because she literally stands there- thats IT. being the empathetic peach that i am all i want to do is make her happy, so then i say 'lets go', which of course turns into a pissing contest because she doesnt want to let me know that shes upset so she pretends she actually does want to be there and then im mad she wont just admit that she hates shopping and she doesnt share my love for all things thrifty.
ahh, love.

<3 u sunshine


  1. Don't even get me started on the Sniper. He was mentally ill and brain damaged, literally! No one takes the time to actually do research or read about the whole situation. People just want to believe what they hear from other people.

    I read an article about how he was literally beaten so much by his father that he was brain damaged. He told his lawyer that he was in Germany having dental work done when one of the shootings occurred and he honestly believed that! He was not sane obviously and I don't think he deserved to die. He was set to death but yet his accomplice gets life in prison? I doubt that is fair.

    I think I'm going to have to blog about this one haha.

  2. wow. i had no idea that the dc sniper was put to death. i barely saw it on the news. granted i don't watch the news, but i still read it.
    seriously, your photos lead me to believe that dc has the hottest lesbians fo'sho. the lesbian community here in austin is pretty awes-inspiring, but I think you might have us beat.

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