Thursday, November 26, 2009


thanksgiving is a fictionalized holiday
but im going thankful none the less

so just a short little post today in regards to the holiday at hand. im at work today- which should be shocking to no one as i have worked thanksgiving and christmas the past 3 years (my rationale behind that is i work with a lot of people who have children, and big families that they dont see often. my family is very close and i see them all the time, so id rather take one on the chin for the team...and also my logic is 'i work christmas and thanksgiving- you better know my ass isnt gonna be here come new years eve and day.' i am brilliant, i know.)

i do wish i could spend the holidays with my family. i get to see them, but as soon as the tables set- i have to jump in the car and head off to support the man. its not all that bad, i tell myself its a sacrifice that one day i wont have to make, but as for now it proves my dedication/passion/that i dont have a life outside of my career.

as most edcated people know, the history of the holiday doesnt match up with the fantasy of it. i personally am putting a vote in, suggesting that every day be thanksgiving. each and every day we should remind oursleves that we have blood pumping through our veins, and minds that are capable of complex thought. one day? really? just one day?

im thankful for the great family i have. they will never give up on me, and while they may push me further towards insanity- they also have a funny way of constantly keeping me grounded and surrounded by love. i never feel disconnected from them because we are so close, im incredibly grateful for that.

im thankful for danielle jillian. my sunshine- i know you will read this, so ill address you directly. i never thought i would find you, and then i did. you walked into my life at a very volatile time, and yet you staid by my side. i know that we have weathered many storms together (and while its a bit cynical to say- i know we will conquer many more) but never has my heart stopped beating for you. the very moment i saw you i got tunnel vision and felt as if i was dumped into a bucket of you. i wanted to be close to you, i wanted to connect with you, i wanted to be saturated in you. i dont think i can accurately express just how much you mean to me, and while i dont think its healthy to have your life revolve around another person, im just glad you are riding shotgun with me. you are absolutely my dream girl, in more ways than anyone will ever know (but i wont lie, your perfect breasts dont hurt.)

im thankful for the brilliant friends i have. i dont mean to sound trite when i say it, but each and every person ive ever met in my life changed me. (i mean, im not really making that grand a statement, the same could be said for you if you really think about it) every face, every smile, every tear, every rant, every breakdown- we have seen it all my friends, and i for one am standing up and saying 'im thankful for all the shit!'. if it werent for all that 'shit' we deal with, i dont think id feel nearly as close to those i call friends. i love being your soundboard, i love giving you my advice, i love asking for yours- i love that my friends are connected to me and i them.

im thankful that my grandmother is still alive. albeit a bit morbid to say, that woman is the most complex and interesting character in my family. i dont think ill ever understand half of her motivations, beliefs, and rationales, but i love trying to figure her out. im also glad shes still alive because shes that family member who constantly says, 'i dont know if ill be around for next thanksgiving, so lets all be thankful this is my last one.' i kid you not- as i walked out the door to work today she told me 'if you leave this market and head north i wish you the best, because i wont be here to see it.' god blesser! that silly rascal.

i wish you all a happy and bountiful day.

but do remember this holiday is about killing indians...cant just throw a cornucopia on top of a blood soaked table and call it dinner- or you can..HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


  1. My now 95 year old great grandmother has been talking about "her last Christmas Eve" for as long as I can remember. I'm glad you have one of those family members too. It's a bit like crying wolf at this point, isn't it?

  2. hahah- yes!! but my fear every year is that if i call her out on her dramatic shenanigans that she will in fact die- and then its my fault.