Tuesday, November 24, 2009

random thought #23

random thought #23
it would seem as if the useless thoughts in my head never end- lucky you.

  • i dont know if its a seasonal thing or where i go to socialize with lesbians, but i feel like ive seen far too many lesbots that look like dead ringers for lil wayne as of late.
    now dont get me wrong, i mean no disrespect but if you have dreads, wear over-sized clothes, like fun crisp hats, and wear sunglasses you are lil wayne in my book...or whoopi goldberg- your choice.
  • my girlfriend bought me a baby.
    if you are waiting for my witty response that in someway negates my previous statement- you aint gettin it!! she really did buy me an impoverished child! i guess the more appropriate way to phrase that is she 'sponsored a child' for us to support. i had to mention it on here because it was one of the sweetest gestures ive ever had done for me. (aside from the countless other sweet, precious things my pudding cup does.)
    so why is the baby so special too me? well we both what to make a difference in the world, in our own ways. we both feel compelled to use our lives, and our gifts to help others. i personally want to connect to people who feel alone and out casted, and allow them to see they are very much connected to life and ultimately- to other people. danielle would love nothing more than running off to africa to save every aids riddled baby out there. her heart aches when she sees people in need, she might seem all hard and shit (oh, and trust, she is) but toss a child freckled with flies and an empty belly and my baby shines.
  • not too long ago, i asked you all to check out my audition for the community youtube channel 'QueerFAQtor'. after what felt like a few weeks, (i mean, it actually was a few weeks..i hate when people get dramatic and say 'omg it felt like years' no it didnt. and even if it did- all you are doing is letting me know that you have absolutely no idea of time as you think a week and a year are one in the same..moving on.) they finally announced who would be filling the two day spots available.

    at around 6:00 things start to get cooking.
    im so excited to be a part of this channel because they really do provide a tremendous service to the LBGT community. i often forget how lucky i am to be almost completely saturated in lesbians (oh, i know- dream of dreams!), i know that some dont have that luxury. (even if sometimes i consider it a bit of a burden, what with how interesting our community can be)
  • a friend of mine is dating a girl that looks exactly like her..god i wish i could post a photo of them on here, but then it would be proof that im talking about them. but i shit you not- they look identical. now i thought that the only similarity issue in the lesbian world was having the same name. i personally would never date another ashley...(or i would but i would adopt a new fun nickname that i gave myself that would not fit me at all but i would love, like RENEGADE!)
    but if you date a chick who looks like you, does that make you a narcissist? or just really confident?

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  1. "My girlfriend bought me a baby" really cracked me up. But also, that's the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time.