Thursday, November 5, 2009

shameless plugs!

shameless plugs
for my friends

attention all youtube enthusiasts! if you were in the mood for more LGBT fun here are a few lesbifriendly (comon, you have to admit, that made up word was pretty good) youtube channels:

currently consists of four delightfully dynamic ladies who answer questions, provide insight, and all around are fun too watch chat it up about gay issues. they reach for a broader market- than say, just lesbians. they aim to reach the LGBTQQIAP crowd. wait- what?
admittedly, much like you, i had no idea such an acronym existed, let alone was considered common vernacular for some. but be that as it may Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Questioning Intersex and Allies is the group they target. (dont be intimidated by all the words, just know it includes you)
i personally have chatted with mara and shes a hoot, i was partial to her DRAW ME video.

also a lesbian community channel that describes themselves as, '8 fantastic women, from all over the globe, coming together to vlog about life' pretty straight forward id say! they say that flattery will get you anywhere, and in the case of monday lezzismore vlogger sophie- it got her on my blog. on her most recent vlog she gave a shout out to my videos, and subsequently im jocking her page, and lezzismore.

and finally, a personal plug- i put in an audition video to be a new vlogger on 'queerFAQtor'. if you felt so inclined, please leave a comment. while it would be wrong to instruct you to say nice, sweet, heartfelt comments- im sure you know what my intention is by posting this.
(hint: it has a lot to do with 'nice, sweet, heartfelt comments')

onto my favorite blogs-
to be perfectly honest, there are few blogs i read regularly. i often pop in on many, but the few that i make a point to read regularly are worth daily checks...

i think she is incredibly witty and smart, but the main reason i cant get enough is because her life is infinitely more interesting than mine, and more than likely yours as well (no offense- but check out THIS POST in particular, and tell me im wrong. seriously- her life is chalk full of 'are you fucking serious' situations)
also, i can shallowly admit that shes gorgeous and a hipster- and thus, i am a smitten kitten with her.

a lust for words
my friend heather- i know her in real life as well as the bloggosphere, and she is an exceptional person. i often feel a bit voyeuristic when i read her blogs. you really do jump right into her heart, mind, and soul when you follow her work- and you then become connected to her honesty, and openess in regards to life. she also is a tremendous photographer. you should check it out!

i wrote this for you
i dont know the author, ive never really wanted to because i feel given the nature of his/her writings, we arent supposed to know who they are. however my undying romantic heart cant help but frequent the blog as often as the posts appear.

the hitch list
polly, the author of the hitch list, is a girl i can safely say that i have a crush on- and thats solely because of this post. shes a gem, thats for sure- a witty, witty gem.

my soul is a butterfly
ive always been fascinated with jewish people. i cant really nail down what i like most about them, their religious affiliation? their quick wit? their adorable hair? their precious mothers? their insane ability to network amongst other jews? all of the above.
so, you add 'incredibly smart', 'painfully witty', and 'insomniac' into the mix, and you have the perfection that is hannah of 'my soul is a butterfly'...please, please read this post.

is this thing on?
amanda fiercehair is another friend that i knew in real life prior to our online blogaffair. well, thats actually taking a few liberties with our relationship considering there is no affair, but a mutual love of blog is present! she mostly talks about baking fun things, like skull cookies, but i mostly love when she posts her outfits. this girls style is amazing- definitely check her out!


  1. you just made my week! thank you so so so much!
    i can't wait to check out the other blogs (of course, i already love hitch list and my should is a butterfly....i think the four of us ladies should all do something together...what? i'm not sure...)
    i love your audition video. i was laughing so hard when you said, "how you do, ladies!?.........and gentlemen....and whatever else you identify as...." hahaha....
    i think it's fab. my only feedback would to be to shorten it a bit. in the film business, it's beaten into your head to keep web videos as short as possible. but, like i said, it's been beaten into my head so i could be completely wrong...

  2. i obviously can't type today...that should have been "my soul is a butterfly"....way too many organic margaritas with wheat grass at cheer up charlies last night.

  3. I a surprise (and an honor)! Thank you for the shameless plug.

    I totally don't know what it should be, but I agree with Lauren.

  4. AHH! I absolutely love you.. and I totally blushed when I read what you wrote :)