Tuesday, October 27, 2009

fun facebook finds

fun facebook finds
i love alliterative strings of words

i enjoy facebook, but i enjoy my witty friends (or those with open profiles) the most.

whilst reading up on my mother (shes a fan of the quizzes on facebook...some of her favorites include, 'what ghetto name would you have'- in her defense she went to the high school where remember the titans took place...not that it means much because the quiz is still derogatory and super offensive but what do i know, 'what candy represents your personality' *rolls eyes* seriously, who asked them self that question and then thought 'this would be a great idea for a quiz on facebook!', and other perfectly logical quizzes) i noted her personal information section, and i must say- she really did cover all of her bases and accurately portrayed her true self. god bless my precious mother.

to the right side of my blog you will see that you can become a 'fan' of lesbifriends on facebook, i was flipping through the fans ive accrued thusfar- half of them arent actually my friends on facebook but some have open profiles.
let the stalking commence ladies!

one lady had me rolling with laughter- alright, rolling is a bit dramatic. i wasnt on E or actually physically rolling as much as i was pretty smitten with her simple (yet powerful) 'about me'. miss whoever you are- i applaud you and would totally wear a t-shirt expressing this same sentiment.

my friends are funny people. i surround myself with attractive, witty, intelligent women (and a couple of fellas i suppose). now NOTHING makes someone feel better than a clever quip from a friend, especially post-breakup. when my heart was broken, i found this from my friend natalie on a photo of my ex and myself.

now generally, i think being caddy after a breakup is tacky and counterproductive to your overall well being- but sometimes, you need someone to be snarky for you.

speaking of being snarky- i must introduce you all to one of my funniest friends, miss jarvis. we get along so well because our minds function in similar ways- we love clever zingers, boobs, quotes/inspirational photos. we both also have a mildly creepy porn obsession, and an all around kick ass personality (her, not me, im awful). she has been that friend who has gone through shitty situations with me, only because our lives tend to mirror each others- albeit relationshipwise.

miss jarvis is coming up on her 21st birthday- and she dropped this nugget of knowledge on me- the girl is a genius, and a saint. also is a blast to talk to when shes KO'd on ambien.

moving along, i do find some things on facebook terrifying. now ladies, i know that for the most part, we all have periods. i also know that its natural and nothing to be ashamed of- however i dont want to read about it on my mini-feed. i dont mind if you allude to it, but to be full on graphic about your flow is just rude. now poop? poop is hilarious and is never inappropriate.
now i know that im on a boat with this one, but i really feel like poop is universal and should not be vilified. do i want to know the consistency or girth of your load- no, no i do not. but will i punish you for talking about a turd? HELL NO.

see this love?
i guess the more appropriate question would be, do you see what my girlfriend has been putting up with all this time?

**also- a back story...there are a few words i absolutely detest the sound of. the words 'tit' and 'horny' are two of my least favorite words. tit, in its singular form is just so aggressive, so abrupt, so- disrespectful to the majesty that is the female breast. and horny- agh, nothin makes me feel like a molester is lurking around the corner quite like hearing 'horny'. if one ever says 'ashley, im horny' id be liable to spear you with a horn- how pun-ny would that be?! ahh?? no? god i really found that amusing.
now im laughing at my own jokes- whilst allowing my internal monologue to slip out into my blog.
time to stop.

have a fabulous tuesday friends, i hope you enjoyed these fun facebook finds i found. (dont alliterations feel good??)

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