Tuesday, October 13, 2009

national equality march recap

national equality march
we came. we marched. we owned the city.

as mentioned in the video, ive convinced myself that the pain in my hand is some sort of crippling little heard of medical issue that will lead to certain death. sure- maybe im being a bit of a hypochondriac, but my left hand is my working hand (if you know what i mean) so i need this lady in order to survive.

here are a few pictures from the march this weekend-

the fist pump was crucial

'jesus had 2 dads and he turned out fine'

i was beyond in love with my 'fagbag' creation

to congress: love is love.

7 blocks deep, YAH!

fighting for whats right is a beautiful thing.


  1. Sorry I did't see you sunday, I was with my boy Ryan who just had a tummy tuck so I stuck with him for the most part!!! Glad we have strong spirits life yourself on our side!!! LOVE YOU GIRL!!! ~E-Dog

  2. DAH! I was there too with my bigirls and big, gay boy roomates and all our straight compatriots. We should have met up for a big gay pride moment.

    That being said, THANK YOU for being part of it. We kicked some ass that day.