Wednesday, October 7, 2009

random thought #17

gay marriage

i just had a gay marriage nightmare!

when we get gay marriage, do you think there will be a rush of drunk straight girls trying to get hitched? you know how adorable some straight girls can be while intoxicated...'no i love YOU more, you are my best friend, and omg you are sooo pretty- like sooo pretty. fuck boys, they are stupid. i love you, we should get married'

could you imagine a world where romy and michelle could in fact get married at 30 if no other prospects came ones way?
talk about ruining it for everyone..that would surely take the wind out of my little gay sails.

and even more appalling, what if straight boys started to abuse the privilege we pushed so hard to earn?! not saying that many straight boys would run to the alter with their best friends, however- ive seen some pretty gay shenanigans go on with 'straight boys' when they are drunk...all im saying is- it COULD HAPPEN.

just felt compelled to share my terrifying thought.

also- CONGRATS WASHINGTON DC on introducing the bill that would make same-sex marriage legal! every step counts!


  1. i know!! i think gay or straight, a wedding in a matter of drunk moments should NOT be allowed.

  2. If we keep em' away from Vegas, those girls' affection doesn't survive the duration of their cosmopolitans. And, yes, the girls in this scenario are clearly drinking cosmos.