Friday, October 30, 2009

dont hate, appreciate

dont hate

not to long ago the girlfriend of a friend of mine posted some new photos online, being of the 'social-networking generation' (aka the most voyeuristic generation to date) of course i flipped through. at the time, it mattered very little that i dont really know the girls girlfriend, nor any of the people photographed. i was just flipping through shit- i stumbled across one photo where the girl looked very nice..or at least noticeably nicer than she did in the previous photos. i commented on one, 'hottie'.

thats it- not 'i want to sleep with you'; not 'damn girl, you stacked'; not even 'leave your girlfriend for me, im more desirable and wittier than her'. nay my friends, i simply said 'hottie'- i know candy hearts that are more explicit with their sentiments. i didnt think anything of it until about 5 minutes later when i got a text essentially telling me to step off of my friends girlfriend, from my friend.

from 'hottie' to 'i want to be all up in your girls shit' in no time flat- jumping to conclusions 101!

in case there was any doubt in anyones mind- im not in the girlfriend stealing business; im not in the cheating on my girlfriend business; but i also dont think its wrong to let a woman know when she is looking good. whats wrong with our world if i cant tell a lady she is working it and i noticed? i know far too many girls dont hear it enough. 'you look beautiful today' should not be confused with 'im trying to get naked with you'.

we all know that women need/deserve to hear positive reinforcement. hell- everyone deserves a compliment every now and then, and if its warranted then why the fuck not? i firmly believe in putting good into the world and admittedly i may take this a step too far, what with my complimenting strangers when i walk into work or talking to people that reason tells me to be terrified of but my heart says they are lonely and need a friend. its a sad day when i admit that too many people out there assume the worst.

my friend assumed i was trying to plant the seed of ashley inside her girlfriend, when in reality i was just trying to be nice and genuine. (10 points to anyone else who know has the seed by the roots now stuck in their head!) why do we do this?? you are at a bar, another girl tells your girlfriend she looks great- what do you do?

perhaps its just proof that everyone functions differently in relationships, but my girlfriend and i have an understanding- yes, we are 100% committed to each other, but we arent dead. i know my hotblooded baby still has a pulse, and still finds other women attractive. i have no issue with her saying, 'look at the fanny on that girl' (granted, she would never say fanny- pretty sure thats just me) and she has no issue with me telling her about attractive women. i guess we dont really have much of a jealousy problem- but even if you do have a jealousy issue in your relationship, there is no harm in compliments.

if someone is checking out my precious lady dove, do i flip a shit and throw down some bones? well, as that would most likely end in me getting me teeth smashed in, or more realistically- me engaging in some sort of witty banter with said girl- the short answer is no. no- i would not flip out- and why should i? i obviously find her absurdly attractive, and if other women see that as well it does nothing but reassure me that im one lucky little duck to have this beautiful woman WILLINGLY by my side regularly.

my whole argument in this situation makes it clear that im a trusting person, and thats really what this boils down to. i trust that my girlfriend loves me as i love her- so i dont worry about her ever acting on anything..and vice versa. when it comes to those that are close to me, they know- i have no problem telling you how fabulous your rack looks...but thats where it ends. i never have, or would (or play any part in facilitating) cheating. ive been hurt that way before but moreover its not my character to participate in those sorts of shenanigans.

i implore you all to go out, and if you see a beautiful woman- let her know. however, if her girlfriend tries to shank you- run.
but not before you let her know you were just appreciating her girl, not trying to mack on her. come on ladies- lets spread the love around, hell- lets go crazy and all hug.
naked? alright, i took it too far just now- have a safe and happy halloween everyone!


  1. Ugh. I love the "You are beautiful" philosophy. People need to lighten up.

    Happy Halloween! (Naked hugs.)

  2. The last time I was in the mall with my sister, I complemented a random woman. My sister got embarrassed (why?) and proceeded to tell the story later like it was interesting. :)

    Also... If Mary dropped my baby girl tonight, I would name it Rock-n-Roll.