Tuesday, October 6, 2009

you NEED to be here- national equality march

'this is our single message as we march on washington on october 11, 2009.
we seek equal protection for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states '
equality across america

if we want our rights, we all have to join together and fight (or march, as it were). there is an unfortunate stigma with 'political activists'. some people who arent as politically educated feel that politics are boring, or that it doesnt effect them, or that they dont need to be involved.

one will find that its rare that i flat out will say someone is wrong. i try very hard to see both sides in most situations, even if i dont necessarily agree. however, when it comes to politics, boring or not- you need to make it a priority to educate yourself.
we are in fast paced times, where often laws are passed without the masses knowing about it- stripping them of their rights before they even knew what was at stake. its easy to complain about the laws, and those who pass them, but the only truly proactive thing one can do is protest, become educated, and DEMAND what you feel is right.

change doesnt happen because its whats right, it happens when people stand up to whats wrong.

this weekend is a huge one for gays everywhere, the march on washington is calling for the repeal of
DOMA and the dont ask, dont tell policy, the passage of the employment non-discrimination act, equal adoption rights, as well as hate crimes legislation.

in essence, equal protection in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states. seems simple enough, right?

this is something that gay, straight or otherwise- you should be upset!
this is about equal protection for all americans. if you are straight you should be appalled at the treatment of gays in this country when it comes to rights. ok- appalled may be a bit strong a feeling for me to demand out of you breeders- admittedly thats a bit of my personal opinion.. you are certainly entitled to your own thoughts, but im passionate about gay rights.
shocking, i know.

also- i know that being involved in the political process isnt glamorous to some, well you know what glitterfuck? guess whos going to be at the march?
none other than the biggest homomagnet in the game- lady gaga.
yes, the lady herself will grace us with her presence..i dont know about you, but i missed out on her concert so im pumped to touch her.
not really implying ill actually get the chance to touch her, but im going to dream.
lady gaga was recently quoted as saying,
'i really believe in this cause, and as a woman in pop music i think its really an important weekend. and its not a fucking joke. so get your asses to D.C. and wear something fabulous, and ill see you guys there.'
yes, yes you will you fabulous little minx.

so get your marching shoes on, and make yourself something festive to wear- because we are faggin it up in DC this weekend!

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