Friday, October 2, 2009

random thought #16

tit bits
from my noggin

  • i dont understand how women can think excersize on a stripper pole is sexy, liberating, and intoxicating yet when a woman gets paid to do the same thing they claim its 'degrading'.
    degrading or not- if a woman wants to plop her fanny in my lap whilst wearing a g-string and allowing me 'make it rain on her', im sure as hell not going to tell her to stop. in fact, id respect her for it.
    when you have a stripper pole in your house, and over 40 someone needs to remind you- that you arent terri hatcher, and you need to cut that shit out before your 10 year old starts humping shit.
  • im drafting my 'fantasy team' and thusfar the roster is as follows: carmen sandiego, alice of wonderland, waldo, unicorn, brachiosaurus, a t-rex crossed with a rhino, my best friend jill, alice from the lword. not sure what excatly my team will do persay- but we will have matching t-shirts.
  • why doesnt anyone write letters anymore? i love getting handwritten mail from people. i love writing little memos to folks- but moreover i like coloring on the opposite side while im at work. i have no problem whipping out a paintbrush and glue during office hours.
    i made these this week:
    my mother said the ones on the left "..are strange ash, like crazy murder lookin" so its clear she is a fan. this ladies, is the product of my boredom. it makes me laugh that you can clearly see i had a little bit of brown, red and blue paint at work, and only a handful of pens. watchout friends, you might get an ashogram in the mail soon!
  • my creativity did not lead me to a new job- however i did learn that sending a 2 foot tall cardboard cutout of yourself to a prospective employer holding a sign you have doctored to say that you are the company does not mean they will call you back- email you back- fuck, even acknowledge your existence.
    im proud of the fact that i went through with it, but bitter as hell that i didnt so much as get an email.


  1. I just, out loud, from this post, because I tried to laugh with peanut butter in my mouth and it went horribly wrong. It was entirely worth it. Highlarious.

  2. "you win fella!"

    (i hate that too.)