Wednesday, October 21, 2009

random thought #19

some thoughts
to think about
  • i find it hilarious when lesbians eat at lebanese places- and yes, for no other reason than the visual, literary pun. i dont even know if that would qualify as a pun- i suppose its more 'the uneducated will find this situation comical as lesbian sounds a bit like lebanese'.
    whatever the case may be, i like it.

  • heres a lesbian tale for you:
    once upon a time there was a fair maiden, and she lusted after the fairest maiden in the land. they began to meet up for secret rendezvous, until one day old man jacobi caught them holding hands. when he asked them what they were doing, they claimed that when they met weeks ago, they had fallen in love. old man jacobi laughed hysterically and proclaimed, 'you all are such lesbians' the women, taken aback and such crass words (given its inappropriateness for the time period) shouted, 'what makes you say that? the fact that we love one another?!' the old man slyly replied, 'no- because it only took you a few weeks to find it out!'
    not all lesbians jump into love...but those who dont only seem to see those who do around us all the time.

  • i think there is a rouge group of 'bisexual' vigilantes out there thats ruining the bisexual title for millions.
    i have many bisexual friends whom i believe are really bisexual. they dont see gender when it comes to people, they love people in general and have dated men and women. to those bisexuals- im not talking about you all. you guys are cool in my book...
    i have issue with the group of 'bisexuals' who use the title as a sexy little scarlet letter of shit. the young ladies who kiss their friends in hopes of gaining attention from the opposite sex make me sad- very very sad.
    deep down, i know its just a sign of the times and there is little i can do about it- but its disheartening.

  • on a brighter note- this made me chuckle a great deal...mostly because i cant pinpoint if these fellas are of a homosexual persuasion, and if they are straight i dont know if they realize how many gay men are in love with this video and their constant dude fanny touching.

    and while im contacting my innertwink- im in LOVE with kim from real housewives of atlanta...sure maybe its because i wish i was the only white woman on a black show- or maybe its because she chain smokes in her fancy house..either way- you know whats up, dont be tardy.

  • you know you are at a lesbian social gathering when...
    -someone shares their coming out story
    -flannel, tattered jeans, beer pong are not only present, but the majority
    -someones ex is there and
    shits going DOWN

  • sometimes when im bored, i go on craigslists in different cities and write secret love notes to my girlfriend under 'missed connections'.
    even she doesnt know i do it. ;-)


  1. lists are good. you should do more lists. i like this.
    the lesbian/lebanese visual is great.

  2. "sometimes when im bored, i go on craigslists in different cities and write secret love notes to my girlfriend under 'missed connections'.
    even she doesnt know i do it. ;-)"

    that is so disgustingly cute.

    and i love your blog, please don't stop writing. i found it when you did a shoutout on miss gay facebook (hahahahahaha)

  3. omg i love lebanese food.