Thursday, October 1, 2009

just go for it

stop waiting
just go for it
i find myself often sitting and contemplating my life, and the direction its going in.
ive been working in the same field since i was 18, convinced (maybe idealistically so) that if i work hard enough, and with enough passion that one day
someone will recognize me for it.
someone will then help lift me to where i want to go.
someone knows that my passion, and belief in my dreams will never die- no matter how many rejections i receive.
someone will give me 'that one shot' that will open countless doors.
someone acknowledges my gifts, and wants to help me feed them.
someone is meant to cross my path.
and this
someone will lead me in a new dynamic direction.

i dont know who this someone is, what they will look like, or anything about them at all. all i do know is that my hopes and dreams used to lie in this proverbial persons hands.
but as more time goes on, ive realized my thinking was flawed.

why put so much in the hands of a stranger?
i consider myself to be more motivated about my own goals and dreams than any other person could ever possibly be- so then why would i expect someone to share my fire? we each, respectively, represent the single most passionate person in regards to our own dreams.

i am the only one who is set on fire when i think of what i can accomplish.
you are the only one who is set on fire when you think of what you can accomplish.

fuck someone- all i got is me..

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

—The Elders Oraibi
Arizona Hopi Nation


  1. i had this someone once...
    at 20 years old, a big wig in hollywood plucked me from the masses. i wasn't even out of school yet. gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. i had made it.
    then the clouds parted and i realized who i was really working with.
    you're right. it's about you. you can only count on you....and from what i can tell, you're doing a great job so far! keep at it, hon.

  2. i think for people for some of us out there we can find a way to make many paths work... at least i hope so cuz if not i'm screwed.

  3. just be, be in the moment, and one day you'll open your eyes and realize that you were always where you wanted to be.