Wednesday, September 30, 2009

split shift


the past two weeks ive been covering for a coworker, and thus have been working the split shift. and while i try my hardest not to be a complaining cathy- this shift does nothing but turn me into a sourpuss and somehow has the uncanny ability to give me my period (or at least the pain of it) regardless of whether or not my uterine lining is ready to shed. without fail when my coworker is out, my body reacts accordingly and recoils in pain- cramps ensue! needless to say, it puts me in a fabulous mood- then adding to the misery is the fact that the shifts i work are 445am-9a and 245p-7p..and because i work over 25 miles from my work, thats over 100 miles im driving in one day alone.

so let me just get this last ounce of complaining out of my system..
~ im full of snot, my body aches, and i feel feverish.
~ i wake up at 315am for work, as an insomniac who is normally shutting her eyes around 4am- this schedule is brutal, and generally means i am getting no sleep.
~ my ovaries are playing tricks on my mind- fucking fertile ass organs.
~ i found out that our union helped us out by instituting 10 company furlough days, and docking an entire paycheck. (thrilled this announcement comes just after we get solid numbers on the economy 'turning around', also after we have already had 2 pay cuts this year)
~ i have a hangnail but with skin on my thumb. whats that, a hangskin? i just think balls with that term- were you thinking that too? no? you are. hangskin. haha
~ while im sure i have a simple touch of a cold, my first thought this week was 'sweet! ive got swine'...nothing is trendier than designer illnesses, and one with the threat of death- well thats just edgy as hell now isnt it!?

alright- now that those negative thoughts are out of me, forgive me for slacking on my posts this week. now aside from the aforementioned reasons, i also moved this weekend- no, not that move but the 'another paycut? for real? mom and dad werent SO hard to live with i suppose, and its only a few months' move.
oh i swallowed a big ol' pill called pride this weekend, and washed it down with a shit ton of delicious leftovers made with love by my mother.
ill take their overbearing ways in exchange for a homemade batch of chicken broccoli cheese anyday!

i feel incredibly scattered on this shift, but with the amount of snot thats free floating around my brain i suppose thats not shocking.

im going to do a power hour with nyquil- coma here i come!

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