Wednesday, September 16, 2009

phasefest 2009


so, its wednesday and that means we are mere baby steps away from the weekend! if you are looking to have fun NOW versus LATER, you are in luck!!

next week is a big one for DC lesbians b/c phasefest is back for its 3rd annual PHASEFEST QUEER ARTS & MUSIC FESTIVAL! this year it is sponsored by sol cerveza, dos equis, red bull, and the washington blade.
so let me get this straight (or gay- ahaha, RIMSHOT! it was too easy, im sorry) its sponsored by beer, the energy drink that is paired perfectly with liquor, and the source of DCs gay news? well HOT DAMN! how does that NOT sound like the perfect recipe for lesbionic fun?

all of the events take place at phase 1 lounge, which is located at 525 8th street se, washington dc. there is street parking, and i wont lie- every time i go to phase i somehow luck out and get sweet parking, but thats not always the case. i suggest taxi, as you will most likely be leaving this party wasted.

phase 1 itself is a rad club- or lounge, as it were. ive been their numerous times and i think that the most attractive feature about this club is every time i have been there, its been crawling with women. i have no problem with seeing other people, but it is nice to walk into a club and have a sense of belonging right off the bat. arguably i could be the only one who feels that sense of closeness, but who the fuck cares- take a couple more shots im sure you will want to be my friend too!

the staff that i have met there are always very welcoming, friendly, and gay as hell. the manager, angela lombardi does an amazing job of always having the events that girls wanna go to.
i mean, you would be insane to NOT want to go their events that range from jello wrestling to 'slut night'...yah- lesbian WRESTLING, its just as hot and fun as it sounds.

the performing lineup is as follows:
  • thursday september 24th
    bitch, good asian drivers, omega band, nancy eddy, natalie e. illum, tiik w/ guts, nikki smith

  • friday september 25th
    partyline, the shondes, andrea gibson, shira girl, mzery loves company, belladonna, sarah azzara, alex voegele

  • saturday september 26th
    the cliks, hunter valentine, boyskout, athens boys choir, DC kings, bellafea, rad pony, clinical trials, DC gurly show, magazupakes, mrs. robinson and odd girl out
anything else you might be interested to know:
  • "Phasefest is an annual Queer music and arts festival dedicated to the development, exposure and interaction of queer and queer-allied musicians and artists, both national and international. Musicians, crafters, artists, performance artists, activists and comedians are among the creative individuals supported by Phasefest. Phasefest seeks to offer the greater mid-Atlantic area the opportunity to experience a unique community-oriented festival fostered by the independent and free-spirited punk roots planted in Washington DC so many years ago."

  • "The festival will kick off Thursday evening at 7pm and culminate late Saturday night with a performance by The Cliks, an internationally touring Queer band with an FTM lead singer. Other headlining performers include Bitch, Partylin, Boyskout, Hunter Valentine, Athens Boys Choir and The Shondes. Admission is $15 each night for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is $20 or a festival pass may be purchased for $45 which also includes a Free Concert poster. All festival attendees must be 21 years of age."

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  1. The 21+ part sucks.. but Belladonna is quite legit!