Tuesday, September 8, 2009

random thought #14

ive got more jolie sex, ive got rhythm, ive got gay night-
who could ask for anything more!

*i fell in love with a new word today...
its a noun, and it generally refers to the substance thats used as filler in your teeth, or some sort of metal concoction. and other times it means, a combination or blend of diverse things.
i.e. she was an amalgam of whimsy, love, creativity, and above all else dreams.
yes please. arent we all an amalgam of something or other..

*we all know the perfection that is the lesbian cult classic, GIA. the name now synonymous with the movie. i know personally if i were to ever meet a gia in real life, it would be hard not to let my thoughts drift to THAT gorgeous sex scene in the movie.
well ladies-
that sex scene is about to get more graphic. oh, you are SO welcome for this fabulous little tidbit i found. apparently, studio execs are releasing a more "uncut, uncensored version of the film, which is based on a real life story"..and it will be in HD. a glorious day indeed.

*take a listen, im a fan. here is innerpartysystem.
i initially loved their lyrics, then read about the band and stumbled across this quote. when asked to explain the origins of their name, the band responded with,
'in george orwell's '1984' social classes were defined as the inner party, outer party, and the working class. it sounds really 'holier than thou' when you say it, we're really not this full of ourselves, but we liked the idea of creating this full, multimedia, over-stimulating, elitist environment that we were trying to invite everyone into. it's the ironic elitist class'
and then i fell in love.
i posted this vid b/c all others enabled embedding..douche bags.

*dear sam sparro,
when i see you- and study your style, its the equivalent of me taking my drawers and just dumping them into a bucket. your essence is admirable, and i have no problem saying that you sir make me melt.
but keep your wiener wand to yourself.
warmest regards,
i know that i love all hyper creative artists; i love people who wake up in the morning and have an unquenchable thirst to create something new; i also love hipsters- every time i see a good one, i wanna just put them in a jar, and keep them like a lightning bug. admittedly thats weird..but its something i enjoy.
i digress- this song came out last year i do believe, but its still sick..and im not entirely sure how i feel about people calling it 'wonky pop' but i am a fan of alphabeats too- so i suppose im cool with it.

*im not obsessed with this fella, but he seems like such a cute lil twink- and i cant deny im a fan of his remake of the polices, 'every breath you take'..its completely different from the original, well- about as different as a remake can be.

*and finally, if you dont have plans this saturday, you should come and play!! its that time of year again, the gay night at kings dominion (in va). last year i had a great time, and picked up a 16 year old. now this year, im going to try and be a bit less 'to catch a predator' and a bit more 'throw bows so my ass can ride all the roller coasters about 80 times in a row'.
its $34 at the door (which open at 8pm, rides keep rolling until about 11pm; from 11p-1a is an 'dance party') but you can pay $30 in advance via the brother, help thyself website.
i also feel its important to stress that the gays get wasted, ridiculously so, at this event. last year i witnessed a man exposing his genitals to the Eiffel tower statue, whilst yelling 'american fries!!'..its clear that its a good time.

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