Monday, September 28, 2009

cure for lesbianism: heels!

its time to 'get heeled'

a few months ago i stumbled across a website that had my jaw on the floor. now we have all seen the websites that are set up solely to bash gays, what we stand for, and those who support us. furthermore, we all are aware that there are still a lot of narrow-minded folks out there who have issue with who we are fundamentally- but a reality show that bashes gays?
you have GOT to be shitting me.

now before you don your best 'i am lesbian, hear me roar' political activism t-shirt, let me stress that i could not verify the validity of the show. i found it mentioned on two websites, both of which seemed a bit suspect at best- but personally, valid or not, this show is horribly offensive and is worth taking note of.

butch lesbians everywhere, i come bearing great news!! you can be
HEELED! yes, you have been afflicted for much too long with the lesbian curse (im sure you are also practicing witchcraft and trying to convert unsuspecting young ladies into the heathenish world that is homosexuality) its time now to 'be a girl again'! it must be rough dressing like a boy all the time, you are most likely ostracized, and probably hate yourself. thankfully this new reality show is here to save you- its here to make you not only a pretty girl, but a pretty straight one!
jesus christ- typing that nearly made me vomit on myself.

be that as it may- thats the premise of a new show entitled, 'i want to be a girl again: get heeled'.
the title alone brings me to my first issue with the program. really? get 'heeled'? how stereotypically witty of you! the makers of this shows miraculously managed to offend both femmes and butches with that one. the femmes are offended as not all girly dykes wear heels,
fuck- not even all straight women wear heels, a shoe type in no way denotes your gender. the butchies were obviously offended as the whole point behind the show is to not only force these women into a society manufactured box, but also to 'convert' them to heterosexuality. its pretty depressing to know that people like this still exsist- people who honestly believe that homosexuality can be 'cured'.

on the casting calls website, the show quoted a nameless person: 'i know a young girl who was living as what is considered a butch lesbian. frustrated with feelings of isolation and regret, she shared with me that she no longer wanted to live as a lesbian, but she didn't know how to transition.....back to a girl again. "

now, perhaps im a bit hasty in my leap to 'incredibly offended'- trying to play devils advocate i will say that life isnt easy being gay. im sure that many girls have felt isolated, and may even question their sexuality as a whole. butch or femme, we all have gotten shit for who we are. but the fact remains, 'i want to be a girl again' is just too fucked up for me.

when i came out, it wasnt easy. i think its rare to find a coming-out story that is without struggle. i know for years i battled with the thought, 'but i dont look gay'. i certainly heard that enough, but then i realized id rather look how i want, and be who i want versus living a lie. but what got me to that point was not self-actualization, or a big epiphanal moment. no, it was simply being surrounded by supportive people; people who knew i wasnt insane, or immoral, or flawed. people who honestly wanted the best for me, regardless of what that outcome was.

the makers of this show clearly have an agenda to push- ridding the world of those pesky butch girls.
i know it seems obvious to ask, but why?
why make a show to change people fundamentally??
because they are gay? so what. you wont get infected.
because their look is offensive to you? i think your new cardigan set from talbots is atrocious but your lack of taste is not an issue that is worth me addressing. do you babygirl.
because 'they want help'? if you really wanted to help someone, perhaps giving them the proper support and guidance would be a good move.

if i ever see this show, or i hear more of it moving forward in production- you bet your dykey
strap on my gay ass will be supporting my butch sisters. you mess with one, you mess with us all. lesbians are not to be fucked with, we have both brute strength and the political awareness to GET SHIT DONE.

finally, whoever you are- whatever you look like- dont let ignorant people get you down. its not worth your energy being nasty back towards them, because at the end of the day they will still be a rude, ignorant, hateful person...
and you are fucking their hot daughter.
lesbians ftw.


  1. i don't think this can be real. unless it was on some hardcore christian-based channel. also, their website is so rookie, it's most DEFINITELY not something that will be on network/cable TV. probably some assholes with wishful thinking.

  2. Lesbians ftw... lol...

    <3 your blog, your spirit, and your attitude.