Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the real l word in lala land

real world: lesbians
means drunk lesbot sex
so, as any good lesbian knows, today it was announced by showtime that they will be launching a new reality show on lesbians, the real l word: los angeles.
while i am excited, i cant exactly call this idea 'original' as i know my friends and i have been talking about a lesbian 'real world' for a while, and in turn im certain countless other lesbian circles have been chattering about it as well.

if you are from the DC area you are WELL AWARE that mtv is down in dupont filming for real world: dc.
if you are a lesbian from the DC area the thought has more than likely crossed your mind, man, if they can film the real world here, imagine how much of a mess that would be if they filmed a real world: LESBIANS...hello ratings GOLD.
we all know all too well the drama that can happen in the lesbian world.
now, i try desperately to avoid ALL drama, but shit happens. its life- i think of all of the tragic stories ive witnessed/been a part of/heard of this year alone and i know that a show on lesbians will be nothing short of train wreck tv.

but im torn.
part of me cant wait to see this, but the bigger part of me worries about the effect on how the masses view lesbians.
you and i both know that women can get out of control quickly, and the main purpose of these reality shows is to put people who are on an emotional precipice into a house with vibrant colors, a shit ton of alcohol, no support for their raging internal issues, and then see what happens.
the real world has been around long enough for everyone to know that its, drama, drama, drama, sex, fist fight, kicked out of the house, drama, drama, followed by the reunion episode!
so whats wrong lil ashbash?
whats got ur panties in a wad?
my friends, think about your friends lesbian drama. is that really what we want the world to see as an accurate portrayal of who lesbians are? now yes, there is something to be said for the fact that lesbians are now being more accepted and a bit more mainstream. and yes, a show that is intended to show lesbians in their natural habitat will have a bit of good and bad- but comon.
lets be real- i know a chick who has a restraining order put on her by her ex girlfriend; i also know a girl who had sex with her girlfriends best friend in her bed and on her couch b/c 'she never really liked her anyways' WHILE THEY WERE DATING.
i know that shit like this goes down across the board- hetero or otherwise, but i just worry that we will be unfairly pigeonholed.
agh- maybe im just getting ahead of myself. im sure they will find even keeled ladies, who are emotional stable, are highly educated and have well paying jobs...right- i mean we both are aware that a show like that wouldnt score ratings.

but- in the meantime, i will cross my fingers for a successful and sexy season of real la lesbots!
and if it does turn into a train wreck ill only watch if i am promised a crazy hot chick like jenny...even tho deep down ill always be in love with alice.


  1. hmmm interesting. i'm anxious to see this show too.
    have you ever seen logo's "gimme sugar"?
    i haven't, but it sounds like it's a real world sort of setting too. the commercials always make the ladies look catty though. they do it on purpose to cause drama. i hate reality tv.

  2. Oh my gosh I completely agree with you. I hadn't heard about it until i read your blog... and I'm definitely scared about it. I'm not even torn, I think this will definitely give us a bad look. I don't even watch the real world, or the majority of other reality tv shows because it's all about drama, and just ends up making them all look ridiculous. I guess we have to be happy that they're wanting to put us more in the spotlight, but this is the wrong way to do it. Yikes!

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