Wednesday, September 9, 2009

facebook sex off

facebook sex off
a fun new way to compete with your ex!

so i know this former couple, both of which are smoking hot, who a while back had a messy breakup. they were together for a couple years, even did the ol' lesbian uhauling.
what are they up to now? they are competing in 'facebook sex off'.
back in the day it was enough to simply show up at a party where your ex would be, while looking absolutely flawless to remind them, 'yah- this sweet kitten in my pants no longer sits on your face nightly.' and that was that. no long drawn out attempts to out do each other, i mean sure- it wasnt uncommon to do the old block them from viewing your facebook, but nothing serious happened. but now, i am witnessing this whole new take on ex revenge.
facebook sex off, now i understand thats not a wildly used term (read: i made it up), but it very much should be a staple in your vernacular. why? b/c if you are not one of the two parties in the competition, you get to reap the benefits via some delicious photographs.
whats involved in the sex off is actually pretty simple- try to out slut your ex. it would seem that post-breakup these two girls both picked up an adorably sexy modeling career, and really kicked up their hard partying. it seems as if, as soon as hottie #1 posts up a new album (that inevitably is chalked full of fun captions such as, 'omg! wasted and lost my shirt!', 'oopsies, how did that random chicks tongue get in my mouth') like clockwork, hottie #2 posts 45 new photos on her wall of her latest photo shoot.
being the unbiased third party (or to call a spade a spade, im just the creepy facebook voyeur) i can say that at my last count they were neck and neck- or boob and boob as it were. im not sure when this is going to end, and quite frankly i hope it never does. i am not at all complaining b/c i see them both and say to myself, 'whoever made you did not fuck up- thats for sure..' more or less im just marveling at how humans work sometimes..


  1. lol.. how entertaining!!! haha i love how you write btw.

  2. another good one! i love how unabashedly slutty the whole world has gotten.

  3. Yup, it really is interesting to see how the world has changed thanks to the creation of the social network. I can't say that I'm completely innocent of this behavior, because when my ex and I broke up, I busted out my camera and got in front of mirror to model my new looks.