Monday, September 21, 2009

post dinosaurs

post dinosaurs
life will never be the same

well i have some great news!
i did not get arrested on my trip to 'walking with dinosaurs'. which was shocking, considering my girlfriend and i, and one adult couple (who swapped their dignity out with matching dinosaur hats..and of course i was jealous of them for it) were the only adults their not accompanied by children.
perhaps i underestimated the appeal of dinosaurs with children,
perhaps i was a bit overzealous in my belief that other dino-enthusiasts would come out in droves, but most of all i was crazy to think i was going to be able to keep cool throughout the show.

we arrive a little bit after the show is first started, which ended up being a huge blessing as i think children can be fun- but hoards of them, in a large venue, with minimal parental supervision may in fact be a nightmare for me. im not a huge fan of large crowds that are tightly packed, and large short crowds that are hopped up on caffeine is a panic attack waiting to to mention its flu season.

we shimmy into our seats, which were absolutely perfect. we were in the center of the action, and we were bookended by two adults- sure they had children, but they were a seat or two away from me and thus out of my reach.

now i didnt get arrested for assaulting a child in a fit of joy, but- agh, this is humbling to admit, but i did cry. no biggie.
haha, yah, i dont even think i can let that slide. who the fuck cries at a dinosaur show ashley?! well now in my defense it was a spectacular show, i was moved by the magnitude of the dinosaurs that they had recreated. the information presented in the show was accurate and entertaining to me- even if it was geared towards eight year olds.
now, the tears- while regrettable, dare i say pathetic- were valid.

i was beyond excited for this show, i dont think anyone would argue that. i think most of my friends felt as if i didnt see the show they would consider a swift cuntpunch to shut me up. no one was more privy to my excitement than my girlfriend. she put in some serious 'you are going to owe me for this later' time this weekend. you see, before the show i forced danielle and my sister to go to my favorite thrift store to browse around. my girlfriend loves many things, but i dont think thrifting is something that ranks high to her. my sister and i have a system- it involves essentially looking at everything- which can take a long time. i digress, we walk in and as if sent down from heaven- what should be staring at me?? a dinosaur costume?! you mean the one ive been dreaming of?! and its only $4.50!?! PINCH ME!

so this weekend was most defiantly a fruitful one.
not only did i SEE dinosaurs, but now i can be one.
dream big people.


  1. You are the cutest girl in the whole wide world.

    I just decided that it's a fact.

    Also, I can see myself crying at a dino show.

  2. I love that you cried. That is amazing.

    I also very much like your glasses necklace.

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