Thursday, August 6, 2009

dyke swagga'

no one on the corners got-
dyke swagga like us!!

most dont know how to explain it exactly.. dyke swagga, i know it well. not b/c i have it- pfft yah RIGHT! if i had any swagga' at all it would only be as i tripped over my own feet and fell face first onto the pavement. holla!

its that little wiggle that happens when a secure strong lesbian, is strutting her stuff, with confidence grace and a whole lot of ass sass. whats ass sass you ask?

bahaha i just giggled b/c i sound like dr. seuss. anywho-
ass sass is like this subconscious booty roll that i swear to god is there. i talk to my lady about her swagga all the time. i know for sure is that im absolutely in love with any lady that has 'swagga'. her body moves just right whenever i see her walk by.

you know when a girl, or a boi tilts their head up, just right- so that their jawline really pops?
dyke swagga.
you know when a girl walks by- whos totally not your type, but you cant help but turn your head and give her props b/c mommas got it going on?
dyke swagga.
you know when you walk into a room and there is this presense- that while mildy creepy, is also calming- like a summer rainstorm?
thats just me thinking about things too much. lol

ive seen other ladies with it too. and my goodness, is confidence a beautiful thing. i mean- i cant explain where it comes from, i always assumed it was within, but maybe its a gay chromosome. a genetic mutation in that of a gay? oh wow- what if we could use genetic mapping to give gays special powers?!

ok- can i just call for team lesbian glitter in our bloodstream?? i know the gay boys are going to want that, and frankly they can have our birthing hips, and half of the rainbow (of the 'LGBT rainbow' of course!) but i demand glitter. its been far too long a thing of theirs. and if we cant have it, can we at LEAST share it? its not fair that only queens get to shimmer. i want beyonces glow as well! shit who am i kidding. no way in hell am i gonna ever have that glow, what with my freckly white skin!

if we had another power, id def say that we would get 'ex-ray vision'. yah thats right- not 'x' but your 'ex' in- we would have this terrible habit of seeing our ex, everywhere we didnt want to. WAIT! we already do have that! she pops up at the club, at a gas station, when you are out with your family who strongly disapproved of her. you know, really fun- socially appropriate times!

reelin' it back in. kinda got a little sidetracked, which turned into a tangent, unto which beget a rant. forgive me.
the swagga'- well, let me end with this. the swagga' aint just for pimps, hoes, and those afflicted with leg length discrepancy any longer. lesbians have that shit on lock, and it gives me shivers down my spine!

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