Monday, August 3, 2009

random thought #9

my brain is
sprinkled with fun
and peppered with magic

my mind has been a flurry of activity, as per the usual.
heres a peek as to my current mindset:

**my favorite couple growing up was Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker. they proved that a couple could work through anything, including accidentally exploding ones lover in a science experiment. thats love ladies- love and devotion. and also they were gay- what a forgotten icon we have in these two.

**djearworm is really impressive with his mashups.
heres my personal favorite as of this moment:

**oh dear god- amanda blank, get your face into my life. im into you and this song makes me wanna wiggle.
yah- its
that good.
think, santogold- mia- you know, the women im in love with.

**you know who is looking incredibly tempting as of late?

miss kate walsh a la the cadillac commericals. im very much in love with lindsay lohan, so perhaps its the allure of the crazy redheads, but walsh has those sultry, 'i could be really fucked up on pills' eyes.
or perhaps im a sucker for that breathy, whisper-like, semi-rasp-filled voice shes got.
mmm...whatever it is- babygirl has got it, and were we not in a recession/were i not broke as hell id be all over a caddy simply b/c of her endorsement.

**now, i in no way intend to belittle those who dont know how to masturbate, but this article was so eloquently written i had to link you all to it. i was rolling on the floor laughing whilst reading it. actually- thats a bit of a stretch, i did chuckle to myself a great deal- but more it less my inner voice was laughing.
How to Masurbate: For Women
my favorite is #5-experiment. try different types of touch: stroke, tickle, knead, pinch, or lightly pull your genitals. try using one or several fingers, the palm of your hand, even your knuckles.
i lawl'd only b/c i dont think ive ever 'kneaded' my vag with my knuckles. i just imagine a young girl reading this advice and straight up giving herself a noogie, downstairs.

**if you are an avid reader, or even if you just like to carry books around to look smart- some that i might suggest:

disco bloodbath, by james st.james- may in fact be, my favorite book to date. its up there with franz kafka's metamorphasis, and anything by johnathan safran foer. disco bloodbath is what the movie 'party monster' was based off of. james st. james (played by seth green in the movie) did in fact write a book in a drugged up stupor. actually thats not really accurate- he was on a lot of drugs, and did live the party club kid lifestyle- but the book is magnificent, painful, and paints an incredibly vivid photo in your mind- certainly nothing stupid about it at all. graphic but entirely worth it. if you liked CHOKE, you will enjoy this one as well.

sex, drugs, and cocoa puffs, by chuck klosterman- pretty funny stuff right here. chuck is a writer for spin and esquire, thus- witty essays are this mans thing. if you arent the type who can generally sit through an entire novel this book is up your alley. its a collection of 18 essays all on our pop culture and the bigger picture.

** unicorn+seahorse= one extremely rad lookin lil fella, called a seacorn.
aka my new favorite hybrid.
in fact, i love a lot of hybrids. i love the idea of combining my favorite things, perhaps thats b/c im thrifty and i cant pass up a good deal. or b/c i live in a dream world where its completely plausible to have a unicorn and a seahorse getting down and makin seacorns. whatever the case may be- seacorns, and robosaurous' are on my dream team. along with lesbots and a boat made of glitter and dreams.
side note: thoughts on a seacorn tattoo. lame or epic?
not that it matters b/c lame is relative to me, as i have a dog in a cactus costume on my body. hell YES TOKIDOKI!

**i know that im full of inappropriately creative ideas, but im going to make a line of bags (and possibly shirts) that have my favorite things on them. (i.e. all my dream team players, my favorite doodles/words/quotes) i will be selling them locally. so if you are interested, well- be patient, ill post photos up of them when i make em so you can holler at me then. and dont worry, while im looking to make some bones to fill up my wallet, im also cheap as hell and would graciously pass the savings on to you!

**i love grape bubble yum. more than most things i should value in life.

**i was just thinking about what the ideal weekend would be, and it would most def be a giant house party. dont get me wrong- clubs can be amazing. i love going out and dancing, most of all i live for that feeling when you are lost in the music so much so that you move in whichever way makes your body feel best. mine generally slips into this rhythmic air-humping, lava lamp-esque, gangsta (as white as possible), lil boogie. to each his own right? but what i want is an epic end of summer party. =) with popsicles please, grape!!

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