Thursday, August 6, 2009

homemade mix cd's still make me smile

get happy! do handstands mix
by: adh; for: acl

my musical/lyrical soul mate sent me an incredible mix the other day.
its rare that i find someone who gets me in the way she does when it comes to my musical tastes.
check out some that i just cant seem to get off of repeat-

'ice cream' by muscles..what can i say, i just want to boogie hardcore to that song.
im talking possible anthem to my 'crocodile mile' play time.
thats saying a great deal.

the bird and the bee's 'tonight, you belong to me' is just about the sweetest lil song i ever did hear!
and on top of that, it takes me to wonderland and transforms me into alice.
so needless to im a fan.

the knife's 'heartbeat', has a hypnotic rhythm- and im always a sucker for interesting lyrics
i think its just that rhythm that lulls me away.

here is the mix in case you want to get inside both my, and my friend's head:
the bird and the bee- tonight you belong to me
muscles- ice cream
the concretes- you cant hurry love
annuals- mama
beach boys- dont worry, baby
bon iver- skinny love
passion pit- make light
camera obsura- lets get out of this country
derek white- baby, baby
the kills- tape song
the knife- heartbeats
rilo kiley- portions for foxes
ryan adams- so alive
martina topley- baby blue
joanna newsom- peach, plum, pair
tv on the radio- lovers day

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  1. we listen to the same stuff, most of my friends don't appreciate my taste in music. Luckily there are a select few that do. Do you like Vampire Weekend? I loove love love them. I listen to a lot of indie stuff and tons of stuff with techno sounds we should trade some tunes! The concert I went to the other day was Gogol Bordello and they are fucking awesome you should listen if you haven't heard of them.