Thursday, August 27, 2009

listen up!

everyone thinks their taste in music
is better than everyone elses

who doesnt love hearing new music?
when you first hear that new song, and everything hits just right- ooo baby, you need to slip off those panties b/c those mo'fucks are SOAKED.
im a fan of all types of music (aside from country. please dont tell me that i need to 'give it a chance' b/c no- no- i do not. i hate that twang, it makes me ill. and not just 'ill' as in metaphorically- country music used to make me physically sick. furthermore i dated a girl who once dragged me to the WMZQfest, which is a giant- drunken- cuntry filled fest of shit. sure- it could have been the fact that her ex boyfriend was there, and he was hammertimed and i was not a fan of his hands all over her. but i digress, hate me if you will i just do not at all like that each his own)
moving along, what i offer you today is a little hip hop...not this canned, down right stupid shit thats been popping up all over.

first- i give you macklemore.
fresh outta seattle, washington...agh, they are so chill, im a huge fan. if you are a big POS fan- you will most def feel these fellas.

oh man, this song isnt new at all, but im VERY MUCH OBSESSED WITH IT.
checkout the lyrics- the ending is fucked up, but who doesnt get into a good sick love song??
cage- i never knew you lyrics

you know when you love a band, then they drop off for a little while, then you find them again in just enough time to save your musical life?
i feel that way with the streets.
blinded by the lights:

and for a bit of an upper, when you wasnt famous:


  1. hammertimed! i'm stealing that, ok?
    and shia directs too! swoon.

  2. I KNOW! i didnt know that the first few times i watched the vid, and then i read that and i was floored- as i loved the video and i forget that famous people can be multi-talented...or actually talented in the first place.
    oh man. hammertimed- lol im down with that. it really is a great great word and i desparately want it to catch on.

  3. i need to make you more mixes. i like that you appreciate them.

  4. so i got linked to your blog from miss gay facebook, and you totally made me love owl city.. and for that i thank you! i love discovering awesome music on youtube. have you listened to the temper trap at all? i dunno if you'd be into them buuuuttttt look up sweet disposition if you want. i can't stop listening to that right now.
    anyway, keep the writing up! :)