Tuesday, August 25, 2009

random thought #12

thoughts stuck
in your head

have you ever had thoughts that plant themselves in your head, and just wont escape until you let them completely envelop your life?

much like a song that takes on roots in your mind, and coils around your brain until you sing it at the top of your lungs all day.

you know what thought wouldnt leave my mind last night?

what do bears look like when completely shaved??
bet really adorable.

just sayin is all..

note to all:
do not google 'shaved bear' or anything along that vein.
you WILL get mostly gay 'bear' porn..yah- that kind of bear porn.
words of wisdom, from someone whos been there.
happy tuesday!


  1. hahahaha....it's funny how when you google most things, some sort of porn or naked image pops up. you could probably google rick moranis and get random naked photos of someone.

  2. god i loved that fella.
    nothing tops the org honey i shrunk the kids.

  3. ha! beware google searching. the simplest search could give you the craziest results. like snake king.

    btw, thanks for checking out my blog.